Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Chicago Clout Demise?

The Honorable Mayor Lori Lightfoot

Many Chicago newspapers are giving Lori Lightfoot advice. Many Chicago media type are still giving Lori Lightfoot advice. I have covered many elections in my 30 years of political activism. I have made many friends that are lifetime pals. I have seen the worst in Chicago and I have fought hard against them. I have also had some major victories and many more defeats. Still, I never felt the same way for any candidate like I did for Lori Lightfoot. I am so happy for the future of Chicago and feel for the first time the thousands of hours exposing corruption had a winning day. A major victory of epic proportions. I still can not believe that all the folks in Chicago voted with such conviction. Amazing.

When Jay Stone and I filed a lawsuit against Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Alderman Edward Burke in January, long before the Chicago F.B.I. served up an arrest of Alderman Edward Burke, many lawyers in Chicago refused to take the case. They felt they would be subject to retaliation and black listing in the Chicago legal community. For many years, FOIA requests have been made to expose crooked Burke and all his machine goons stripping Chicago’s wealth for their personal benefit. Putting these numbers together would not have been possible without the brain power of Jay Stone and all the Chicago City workers that came together to expose the crime spree in Chicago. Two candidates came out and supported our efforts Lori Lightfoot and Willie Wilson. Reforming corruption in Chicago is not popular. This election was pure magic.

I look forward to victory Lori Lightfoot fought so hard for. I look forward to sharing her victory inauguration and the great honor I have been bestowed at that event. I look forward to cleaning up the mess left for all Chicago to fix. I have the greatest desire to see a victorious revival for all Chicago. I am grateful too all Chicago City Workers that wanted to reform Chicago all these years. While we have some unfinished business at Chicago Clout, I am certain Mayor Lori Lightfoot will change the tone of Chicago Clout, to a website that will expose all the good things about Chicago. Or shut down. The ghost of Harold Washington is upon us.

Chicago Department of Water Management State Rep. Fraud continues with Williams

The City of Chicago is known for in your face corruption and can not change. I was dumbfounded by the Sun-Times Article about Alderman Walter Burnett’s son-in-law. The Sun-Times failed to dig in deep enough into the real reasons why Jawaharial “Omar” Williams should not be the Illinois State Representative of the 10 District. “Jay” is just another uneducated laborer at the Department of Water Management. If you want a representative that digs ditches, unloads pumps, and prepares holes for Licensed Plumbers, he is your choice. Illinois needs educated leadership to fix Chicago and Illinois. Rahm Emanuel approved this concession to help Tommy “Twinkle toes” Tunney obtain votes for Committee on Finance Chair.

Jay was just promoted to “Caulker”, a nice massive pay raise. Next in keeping with Department of Water Management tricks, he would quickly be promoted to Assistant District Superintendent.  John “timesheet fraud” D’Amico is hidden downtown at the Jardine Plant and as Illinois State Representative and enjoys a wonderful double dipping job. No one except watchful folks know what John D’Amico does all day. The Chicago newspapers have been part of the cover-up for two decades.

The Sun-Times also forgot to mention Jay and Alderman Edward Burke’s close and cozy workers compensation fraud coalition. Jay was always getting hurt and on workers compensation while loafin at the Department of Water Management. Despite Jay receiving Maximum Medical Improvement and sent to Vocational Training, Jay somehow managed to return to work. Alderman Edward Burke, the DOWM Personnel Department, and Commissioners greased to the path and large settlement and bi-monthly payments. Burke barked the orders and Monica Somerville his loyal assistant complied.

When Whites pull this shit the Chicago newspapers say nothing, but when a black man wants a piece of the gravy train they say something. Amazing. Joe Ferguson should be investigating the Workers Compensation fraud with Mr. Williams, but he will not until Rahm Emanuel steps down. Joe Ferguson is an ambulance chaser after the newspapers reveal fraud.

Do Not Forget Jeremiah Kevin O’Driscoll Chicago

Did you forget Jeremiah Kevin O’Driscoll? I did not. A couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of working with Kevin. Years were days as we documented Kevin’s Workers’ Compensation case. Kevin was great because he was very vocal regarding the shit medical treatment he had thanks to Alderman Edward Burke and the Chicago Aviation Department. Kevin kept telling me what the painters were doing regarding the toxic chemicals they workers with and were breathing in and rubbing on their hands. Being a victim of injury while working for the City of Chicago is akin to a death sentence. Alderman Edward Burke took no bid venders money like it was going out of style. Burke never gave a damn about the people he was elected to protect.

I enjoyed hundreds of phone calls with Kevin. I do know how much he loved his son. I do not think Kevin was the same after his injuries. His body was destroyed. Many people have no idea of the side effects of prescription drugs given to injured City workers. Drugs are given to delay treatment and mask the true extent of injuries. Unless you saw the actual damage to Kevin’s body, you would have no idea how damaged he was. I was amazed at how many people went to Mr. O’Driscoll’s Mass at St. Juliana Church in Chicago’s Northwest Side. Please google Kevin O’Driscoll’s videos on YouTube.

I hope and pray the Chicago F.B.I. investigate the criminal way injured city workers are treated. I hope Rahm Emanuel and Alderman Edward Burke choke on the money they stole from the injured. Rest in Peace Kevin. I will never forget you.

Born February 15, 1960 Eternal Rest February 2, 2019

Chicago Water Department Mercury Spill Update

“We are in big trouble, Rahm Emanuel will fire the Commissioners when this gets out”, claimed a Department of Water Management source. Update” at least 16 Chicago Water Department employees were exposed to mercury. A spill two days ago should have been cleaned up the right way, but many employees were allowed to walk through the spill. Another source said, “this has happened in the past and it is no big deal”.  “A regular vacuum was used and made the spill airborne, that where someone’s fucked up”. According to another source, Juan Merced a pipe yard foreman and Environmental Coordinator took over for a shaken, unhinged, and harried Ralph “the chameleon” Chiczewski. Ralph really fell apart during this stressful event. The Jardine plant has no leadership in place when things get stressful. Members of the Chicago Media called but refuse to expose the crisis.

Private contractors will need to handle the crisis and make sure the Illinois Environmental Agency and the State of Illinois Public Health are informed. Many people are not aware the National Response Center must be notified, but Ralph “the chameleon” Chiczewski cited “Homeland Security concern”s. If you get the FEDS in the Jardine Plant, we will never get rid of them. Many toxic spills are everywhere. Lori Lightfoot needs to drain this swamp.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot just misses Mercury Scandal at Department of Water Management Jardine Plant

Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot will soon take of and control the City of Chicago. Some of you might be wondering why Chicago Clout has not adjusted Lori Lightfoot’s picture. Well, Lori Lightfoot is going to be a great Mayor. As a City of Chicago employee and fierce supporter of Lori Lightfoot, I am ready for change. Real Change. I am also ready for some transparency. I am also ready for talented, college educated, licensed professionals to take over the Department of Water Management. Lori Lightfoot was already at the troubled Department to get her take on why the Department of Water Management is run by a bunch of goofballs that manage to keep the Department in the newspapers and media on a regular basis. Despite Ralph Chiczooski, the commander of mercury spills and cover-ups, word keeps getting out of all the scams at the Water Department.

According to my sources, Lori Lightfoot is going to take a buzz saw to all the goofs that have made a mockery of a once proud department. Lori was asking people about their experience and credentials to run a near billion-dollar department. What would you expect from a Licensed Attorney with impeccable credentials? One guy said he was a cement finisher and went to college for a couple of years and left after acting the fool. Blamed was Rahm Emanuel that counted on Carrie Austin and Burke to suggest unqualified people that continue to make bad decisions. Rahm Emanuel has just bloated the department with friends he owed political favors to.  Also, Chicago Clout will expose all the promotions at the Water Department soon.

Yesterday, the Department of Water Management had another spill of hazardous material. Many Water Department employees were walking through the mercury yesterday and it went everywhere. The City of Chicago Water has mercury in the potable drinking water. The Mercury goes well with all the lead. Mercury in the Jardine plant is everywhere. Specialty companies had to be hired to pick up the massive spills. Jars have broken and spilled everywhere in the past. Some of the mercury spills happened because the water department needed mercury for their monometers. Soon Chicago will have a new Mayor that will open the criminal and reckless activities that continue to make your drinking water unsafe. Just like Rahm Emanuel, make sure you drink bottled water. Rahm has made all Chicago media coverup for his tricks, when will they put their boy pants on? We will also explain why old commissioners are still meeting with Connor soon.

Lori Lightfoot wants you

Chicago Mayor in waiting for Lori Lightfoot wants you. I hope all the people that have ideas to make Chicago better will step forward and be willing to clean house. I might also be a great chance to show all your real skills in managing, fixing, budgeting. Having a team that knows where the bodies are buried is a must. At the rate Chicago is going, you might not have a pension. I hope all the people that want a better future step forward and help. I am donating my time to fix the Department of Water Management.

Stop complaining and let’s get things the way professional corporations are run. Honesty and ethics are needed. If you do not step forward, nothing will change. You can also donate your ideas. Let’s roll Chicago!!!!!

Joe Ferguson and the Chicago I.G.

Ole Joe Ferguson wants to move up after failure at the Office of Inspector General. You would really think ole Joe would hang up his boots and just go away. Two more years are in store for all City of Chicago Employees of a silly goof that has not made any indents into any corruption at Chicago City Hall. Let’s review, I can testify Joe is a complete failure at investing actual crime scenes. Sure enough, weeks and months later, Joe and his team of high school grades, former cops, college trainees, and political appointees investigate criminal activities.

I can testify for a fact, I.G. flunkies try to skewer investigations toward the outcome they desire.  Not long ago, a Chicago Cop on the Northwest Side of Chicago attacked a crew of City Workers sent to determine the cause of his sewer backup. When the acting detective was not happy, he attacked the crew. Joe Ferguson sent out a complete idiot and he listened to the cop only. He never investigated the entire group in people that were involved. Sure enough, Ole Joe, requested the phone records of the person attacked and not the Cop that made all these wild claims. Sure enough, when the case was appealed by the Plumbers’ Union at the Chicago Personnel Board, it was dismissed.

None of the cop’s pals showed up for court, and a complete loser that made the case for Joe Ferguson already left the I.G. to work in another state. What a failure. Chicago has paid for many investigations and they end up dismissed. Joe is just a puppet for Rahm Emanuel.  Joe goes after low hanging fruit like employees that that steal time and other minor crimes. When was the last time you heard Joe Ferguson making a multi-million dollar bust? Joe Ferguson always makes time for Fran Spielman, his number one fan and WTTW Chicago tonight. Minor investigations are of no use to get Chicago’s dire financial health back in order.

Joe is attempting to sell the public he is helping the Chicago F.B.I. I guess he shuffles papers and picks up after the F.B.I. agents’ dogs. Now Joe is selling us he wants to be a States Attorney of Cook County. But he is being smug and secretive. Joe Ferguson only accomplished bulling city workers by telling them their right to remain silent means nothing. Joe scares city workers into talking to them and their crappy union representatives go along so them will not have to challenge the I.G. in court. Amazing.

If Ole Joe will run for anything but dog catcher, you can bank on me to exposing this goof. Trying to ride the wave of Chicago’s reform agenda will not allow Joe on the train. He has enough pensions now. Just let him retire.

City of Chicago Department of Water Management nightmare again

For two decades Chicago has discovered and uncovered major multi-million-dollar crimes and insider dealings. As a goodbye present, the Chicago media is allowing Rahm Emanuel a free pass out the door, claiming a “sprint to the finish line”. You can dress a poop up in a tuxedo, but the odor will always knock you out.

The City of Chicago has always placed employees at a paygrade beyond they capacity. It is not done by accident. The real insiders that control the Department of Water Management do so through a clever mix of consultants, advisors, Alderman, and advisors. The management team is always spending time infighting and wasting time checking up on crews and damage control. Then, there has been sex, drugs, and parties to calm their nerves. Promotions of grade school and high school graduates are by design. Most private companies of this budget employee the highest skilled workforce. The employees are well paid, and performance is reviewed.

When you have a situation like this, calamity rules the day. The management is always looking to put out fires and find blame for all the disasters. The management team also knows, the same people causing the problems, are the same butts they are kissing for their job. Take Alderman Edward Burke, Ole Eddy has made promotions at the Department of Water Management for decades. He also has the power to stop any promotions he does not want. We will expose the promotions Eddy made just recently.

Right now, the City of Chicago Department of Water Management is under a major investigation by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. One high ranking employee was just ousted for his alleged part in not making sure the Water Mains and Sewer Repair projects were properly installed. Most Chicago Taxpayers are not aware, the public is on the hook to replace tens of millions of dollars of water main and sewer installations that are too close together. Also, many of the “private drains” or the sewers from the house to the street failed to install ductile water main and proper fittings when crossing the potable water mains. Many contractors were smart enough to hire Mara Georges to lobby Alderman Burke (give em a cut) to handle the Legislative and Administrative issues to fix problems with the Chicago City Council.  Right now, the Department of Water Management has hired Ralph “the chameleon” Chiczewski, to fight any requests for information on the arrangement Connor made with CTR consulting. Also. Connor is hiding the removal of Wallace “Catfish” Davis to take the blame on the massive problem. One of the House Drain Inspectors, that was reported by Chicago Clout on the Paul Hansen assault of a homeowner, is also missing in action.

The requirement being cited requires water mains to be separated from sewers (35 IAC 653.119).  This is under Title 35 of the Illinois Administrative Code (Environmental Protection), Section 653.119. 

According to a complaint made by a handsome State of Illinois Certified Plumbing Inspector, the City of Chicago has violated Title 35 Board Rules of the Illinois Pollution Control Board. Chicago’s most powerful plumber will continue to expose the corruption and insider thefts and scams. Right now, we are investigating the lack of any pipe to make these connections. Another special emergency order is in the works, but millions of dollars of downtime are expected. If you have any 6-inch ductile water main in your inventory please contact us at Chicago Clout. We are demanding an immediate investigation in Mr. Cheeks actions in all these matters. I am certain Lori Lightfoot should be made aware of these crimes before she takes office. You can try to make up bullshit excuses Rahm Emanuel, but this will not go away. The Chicago media must do its job and expose the ongoing corruption scheme at the Department of Water Management.