Vallas for All Chicago Video Shoot and personal introduction!!! November 2, 2018







Today was another great City of Chicago political day. Chicago Clout was invited to visit the Campaign Headquarters of Paul Vallas. Paul Vallas has been a public servant helping the City of Chicago for many years. During his service, there was no major drama, a real change of pace in Chicago.
Today, Paul Vallas was shooting a commercial for his Mayoral campaign. Many candidates would be under extreme pressure, but Paul kept everything under control. Imagine being in a room, with every word and action under scrutiny. Imagine every movement, every word under bright light and video cameras.

After the video shoot, Paul Vallas made time to introduce himself and explain some of his views on issues facing Chicago. Considering all the things going on, it made me comfortable he could multitask flawlessly. This goes well to his future leadership as Mayor because Chicago will need to oversee many problems.

I hope many Chicago residents, businesses, and city workers get off their rear ends and commit to Paul Vallas. Mr. Vallas was spot on the issues affecting Chicago City Workers. Please visit Paul Vallas’s headquarters at 621 South Plymouth Court just a little south of downtown. The headquarters are large clean and well kept. The new main phone number for the headquarters is 312.940.2847

Mr. Vallas committed to reach out to all of Chicago and you can call and schedule a meeting. What a great treat to have Paul Vallas speak to your group. As the campaign continues, I am sure the ability to meet and greet will be tougher. I was also impressed with Chris Kelly, Deputy Campaign Manager, Peter Ortolano, retired City of Chicago Hoisting Engineer. I am most proud Paul Vallas committed to Chicago before the current Mayor announced his departure.



Licensed Plumber and Plumbing Inspector new Superintendent in Chicago Water North District

City of Chicago Department of Water Management was rocked by allegations of overt racism at the North District Department of Water Management when Paul Hansen, son of former Alderman Hansen, sent racist, homophobic emails on Department email servers. Even though the Chicago Inspector General knew about these problems for over 10 years, nothing was done. The North District Water Department was subject to from page news for over 20 years by political journalists like Fran Spielman and Mark ‘retired?’ Brown and others. There is no excuse for the cover-up made by Mayor Rahm Emanuel all these years, but politics always trumped moral righteousness.


The North District Superintendent has always been run by political hacks (in my opinion) in the past. The job entailed shaking down workers for bribes, assigning easy work for the unions and the management, and provided expedited service requests for Alderman and the Mayor’s Office. Nothing in this position’s past supported qualified licensed and skilled qualities that would have made the department run better.


On October 16, 2018, Commissioner Randy Conner approved Andrew Bonaparte to take the position of North District Superintendent. According to many employees, Andrew has been one of the finest ADS in the history of the Department. Some local politicians are furious at the appointment. Many department employees refuse to take orders from a “fucking nigger”. The racism is already started with the “N” painted in the bathroom and quickly taken down. Pictures have been sent to Chicago City Council, the Mayor’s Office, and the Inspector General today. Despite the fact, Andrew is the first ever Superintendent to have all qualifying educational necessaries as required by the Chicago Plumbing Code, the racists are in full swing. Workers are demanding an investigation by Plumbers’ Local 130 and a public release of the racial graffiti in full cover-up mode.


When Randy Conner finally got things right, I must give him his props. It took courage to appoint Andrew Bonaparte to this position, but it is about time. Maybe the Department of Water Management can allow this black man to guide the Department back to its old glory.


Anne Burke ready to tell the Catholics how to run things, again.

Many Chicago Catholics are looking forward to Anne Burke to take over the Chicago Catholic ongoing problems she failed to fix last time she attempted. Again, Chicago Clout wants to tell Anne, stop looking the other way when your husband is shaking down vendors in Chicago for political donations. Anne, you stink as a justice, and you are in no place to tell anyone right from wrong. Anne is a justice because eddy made the call, the Chicago way. Pay to play, the only God the Burke’s pray to. I have a quick fix if you want to stop the Catholic Priests from molesting your children, stop going to Catholic Church and schools. You can’t change a sex pervert any more than you can change the Burkes. Talk in the mic Anne.

Rahm Emanuel Supporters refuse to give up

Many City of Chicago residents refuse to quit the Chicago Mayoral election for Rahm Emanuel. Many of the petitioners said, “Rahm promised me a job”. Some also said, “where else can I get a job except Chicago?”. Some future Water Department petitions signers were promised Commissioner positions if they made their quota. One lady said, ‘I have been called a loser in the regular workforce, but in Chicago I can get ahead”.

Some Chicago residents called City Hall and asked if the Sun-Times and Tribune are spreading lies and rumors to sell more newspapers. If you wish to continue obtaining signatures for Rahm Emanuel, please see your City of Chicago Commissioner for blank sheets. Many of you guys promised promotions despite your lack education and talent, please make sure you get a hookup before the next new mayoral election.

Look at the picture and see if you will fit in with mayor Rahm Emanuel’s vision for Chicago and beyond.

Illinois Workers Compensation Fraud continues: Hennessey and Roach

The Illinois Workers Compensation Commission is supposed to regulate the cases at the State of Illinois Building in Chicago. Governor Rauner has been trying to clean up the image of the Workers Compensation Commission since he is running for reelection. Rauner has quietly appointed 11 more arbitrators to continue his dirty work shortchanging injured workers out of their due benefits. Rauner has allowed cancer to run rampant as greedy lawyers and insider shortchange the sick. They are splitting the fees after the injured sign their pink sheets for pennies on the dollar. Rauner said in a public statement how is appointees are in charge of thousands of cases.


Most arbitrators go to work like a meat packing assembly line.  Case after case, injury after injury. The arbitrators are so overworked, they just forget why they are there.


One major injury included a City of Chicago Department of Water Management employee that suffered major injuries. The employee was transferred to the Department of Building and then in a major injury. The employee came back to work too soon, was sent to a lousy assignment on purpose, and then retaliated against. Soon the false accusations started and then the employee was put up on false charges and forced to resign. The employee needed additional surgery and then the City sent the case to Hennessy and Roach. The case was continually appealed, but if Alderman Burke is getting big campaign contributions, it does not make a difference.


The case was won by the plaintiff in Circuit Court. Hennessy and Roach has billed the City over $50,000.00 dollars and counting. That does not include all the hours the City Law Department has billed and not accounted for. The idea here is, Hennessey and Roach bill like crazy and if they give Alderman Burke and City Hall political contributions, the fraud will continue. During the next Mayoral election, you will soon see law firms steer millions to the candidates that will continue the raid on the taxpayer’s money. So, in Chicago, if you think the Workers Compensation is about helping a hurt worker, you are wrong. It is about the insiders slicing up the pie. And Chicago is progressive?

The Chicago Mayoral Race begins and the “Dead Horse” drops out.

Rahm Emanuel afraid of his upcoming defeat dropped out. Rahm Emanuel from the day he was handed the mayoral reins, acted like a cocky little weasel and had the Chicago press under his control. I fought this loon getting on the ballot tooth and nail, as Chicago objector 007. The insiders bent the law so a clown with a few boxes in his rented basement home could run for mayor. Now that Donald Trump is president, and every major deal is tanking, Rahm bowed out. Funny how this clown that loved the trappings of power, the cars, the guards, the wheeling and dealings said it was time.

When we followed the petition takers for Rahm, the voters walked away. No one was signing Rahm’s petitions. Rahm realized and dropped out.


The Chicago media wrote story after story about their concerns. The Chicago media fails to realize the utter destruction Rahm has made upon Chicago. Rahm was setting up another golden parachute deal with bond work and that fell through. The deal in China fell through as Rahm embarrassed himself asking for support for his upcoming election. The Chinese knew Rahm was asking for political donations and was denied. Rahm’s mini-posse cost Chicago taxpayers almost a million dollars for their deal-making.


Rahm has always loved being ‘the man” with all the trappings of power. Fancy suits, providing jobs, promotions, and wonderful contracts for those that understand, “pay to play”.


Rahm loved being “King of Chicago”. All the attention fed his massive ego. One of Rahm’s biggest tricks was shaking people’s hands he hated, then tickling the person’s hand with his missing finger to get a reaction. Creepy. I never did like Rahm since before he was mayor, I do not like appointed leaders that lack humility. Often a phony cry would sell the public, but I knew better.


Rahm Emanuel promises to work his tail end off until the finish of his term. He will be missed at the airport jetting all over the world. Rahm will miss all the attention. Rahm will be able to spend more time with his half but will find a way to have the public foot the bill. It is in his D.N.A.


Rahm Emanuel screwed many workers that were promised promotions if they would get his petitions signed. Workers at the Department of Water Management were slammed as their gravy train is falling over the broken bridge. A massive management transition will be on its way soon. Better start saving your money. The new candidates have their hands full. Chicago is broke, and Rahm is to blame. Eight years of prancing like a pony fooled many people, but every dog gets his day. Watch your wallet Chicago, Rahm knows how to charge for his time.



Mayor Sham Emanuel shows Doctor Willie Wilson how to use taxpayer’s money to buy votes.

Mayor Scam Emanuel has again found himself using taxpayer money to buy favors for votes. In another version of TIF’s, Rahm used taxpayer’s money from contractors and future homeowners to play Robin Hood. The real scandal is the way the money is distributed. Instead of placing the taxes into the general fund, Rahm can control which of his friends receive money. Alderman are again cut out, making it necessary to cut the number of Alderman number to 25.

Rahm “Scam” Emanuel is again not using his own personal money but using other people’s money to obtain votes. Grants like these are not distributed by actual needs, but by the whim of those areas that politicians wish to target certain voters. We wrote prior that Rahm and the Alderman attempting to destroy Willie Wilson’s campaign, forgot Doctor Willie Wilson was using his personal money. Try to get a dime out of Rahm’s personal fortune is impossible. Rahm also has his wife making piles of money on the side.

If you think Rahm Emanuel really cares about blacks, you have been duped. Rahm has always been about rewarding the north shore elite that find ways around campaign contribution limits. Those folks receive billions and unlimited contracts with no oversight and regular renewals. If you drive around Chicago, you will see a drastic difference between the Northside, the Westside, and the Southside. It is not by accident; the money will always go to the same places and the same people.

Many millennials pretend they care about the poor and the needy, but when they close the curtain to vote, Chicago will always vote with its wallet and selfish interest. Too bad nothing is left in your purse anymore.