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On April 1, 2005 (April Fool’s Day), Mr. Charles Thomas came to 39th and Iron, Chicago Department of Water Management) to get the story on why I was terminated. I will always remember what Mr. Charles Thomas said, “This is the City of Broad Shoulders, and during these tough times this city will carry you on those broad shoulders”. To this day, I will never forget what that man said to me when I hit the bottom. That was also the first day I met Frank Avila, that day Frank Avila was unreal. Charles Thomas Clout Rating: Mega-Clout with spiritual ring.
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  1. Hi Charles, Did you hear the tapes? Did you watch the hearing? It sounds like the major players in this thing are sub planting the idea of what the conversations were about. I don’t doubt there may be some wrong doing but those conversations are probably the same kind of conversations or no different from the conversations that have taken place on the telephone lines and in the offices and homes of the Illinois politicians that are judging him. Also in every other branch of government in Illinois, that is Illinois politics. This is a kangaroo court. It is scary that someone can put the order out in the Democratic party to call somebody coocoo and they all start parroting it, that’s coocoo! They shouldn’t even be dealing with or using anything from a pending federal investigation. But Chicago Media gets their orders and never questions them. That’s why he went to New York!

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