Chicago Tribune Elite Reporters

I am sorry I do not have any pictures of these Awesome Reporters. If I catch them sneaking around Chicago City Hall trying to get a straight answer, I will update this post. I have attempted to help these Chicago Tribune Reporters on several occassions. Gary Washburn had a scandal and one half with the “Clout and Overtime”, but Mayor Daley’s Administration published the Overtime List prior to publication. Remember one thing for absolute certain, Reporters of this high caliber research, double check, and redouble check. It takes time to be sure everything is correct. While getting FOIA,(freedom of information act request) the administration can act quickly to cover things up.
If you have a story, I recommend calling Chicago Tribune’s best, Laurie Cohen, Gary Washburn, Todd Lighty, and Dan Mihalopulos, leave message at 1-312-222-4316. Have information in hand, be organized. Clout: Highest rating.

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  1. How can I reach a reporter that would listen to complaints about postal service in the city of Chicago? I, as many seniors living in the city depend on the US postal service for medication delivery. Delivery is often 3-4 weeks, and because of insurance restraints we cannot order meds earlier.
    The US Post office does not respond to calls of complaints.
    Where can we complain?
    Will anybody listen?
    Charlene Ryan
    Our mail is delivered anytime between 11 AM and 730 PM, on cold or bad days, no delivery at all.
    I live in the Irving Park postal station district.

  2. The Ravenswood Post Office has done it again! Stood in line for over an hour. During thistime,between 2:00 and 3″00 pm,there was one postal worker. Finally they sent another person out to process “pickups only”. To top it off,all I needed was a roll of stamps. I wanted the Forever stamps and was told “We’re out of them” With this level of service, I can’t see how they have the nerve to raise stamp price
    I would like to nominate Ravenswoodf Post Office for honor of one of the worst in the city. Thanks for letting me vent.

    (Response) The Andersonville Post Office is the worst, it is a joke. I spent my puberty in line. Thanks for the post post, your second worst! Mary Ann Smith, my alderman from the 48th would second that!

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