Frank Coconate in Action

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I have known Frank Coconate for a long time. I have realized that he is truly passionate in his love for his family. Thanks to Frank, I found someone else that is not afraid to talk up about Chicago City Hall Corruption. Frank Coconate’s love for his fellow city worker has no equal. Frank’s reward for exposing corruption in Chicago resulted in his termination. To fire Frank Coconate is an insult to every taxpayer. Frank is a steady, and rock solid source to Chicago Media. He has been on T.V. and print numerous time. He is the source behind many stories. This photo was taken by Kelly Bryan, she is a student I hired to photograph my hearing. Such artistic style. In the clout rating I am biased. Frank Coconate is a true Chicago Hero. Patrick McDonough

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  1. Frank Coconate tells the same old stories for any kind of attention he can get. Coconate acts like he is an expert. What a phony he is.

  2. Thank you Frank for helping me defeat your coworker with SEIU. You are a stand up guy!

  3. Frank, sorry you are getting butt-rammed again by the city. I really think you shouldn’t of been f###### around on city time, going to the gym, and actually working, you cock-smooch. You should try to get a job with AFSCME, you SCAB.

  4. Fired city worker loses rehiring bid
    Tribune staff report
    August 16, 2007
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    CHICAGO – A fired city worker who has been an outspoken critic of Mayor Richard Daley’s administration has lost a bid to get his job back.

    Frank Coconate, a 27-year veteran of Chicago’s Water Management Department, was fired two years ago for allegedly falsifying reports of his whereabouts on the job. Coconate appealed the dismissal to the city’s Human Resources Board, alleging he was fired for being a gadfly, but a hearing officer recommended earlier this week that Coconate not be rehired.

    Coconate said he believes the recommendation was politically motivated and plans to ask the Human Resources Board to reject it.

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