Chicago Naming Rights Richard J. Daley Center

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Chicago’s Richard M. Daley intends to turn many buildings, bridges, and public property, into a billboard for corporations. Everything is for sale in Chicago. It is a disgrace the poorly run city must take drastic steps to hustle up money. My suggestion is to sell the name of the Richard J. Daley Center and the James R. Thompson Center up to the highest bidder. But would Chicago’s little mayor go for that? Our upcoming series is called “THE BRIDGEPORT CUT”. Please enjoy some of my best research into Chicago Corruption. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Lost Honor
    When Chicago lost the historical landmark status of Soldier Field, it also lost something much greater:
    The young Chicagoans who lost their all-too-brief lives on foreign soil in the Great War had a humble prayer that they would be remembered in some small way by the unborn generations of the city they so loved. By desecrating and defiling their memorial in the name of graft and greed, we have failed to be a city worthy of their sacrifice.

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