Peraica for Cook County Board President

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Commissioner Tony Perica was working the South Side of Chicago, on April 22, 2006, to bring aware to the Black Community his views on the issues. Pictured is the lovely Ms. Joyce and her two handsome sons, and Commissioner Peraica. Dave Madlener told me it is a matter of “Asking for the vote”, and “Showing Respect”. Tony was presented an award from Frank Avila for his Honest Government Service earlier in the year. On a personal note, Tony is very classy and down to earth. He always has a nice word for everyone. Contact the campaign at these numbers: 1-708-344-1600, 1-773-735-1700, or 1-773-684-1909. On line, Tony Peraica Clout rating: Plenty and getting steam. Photo by Patrick McDonough

3 Replies to “Peraica for Cook County Board President”

  1. I should have mentioned they were also handing out information on Christine Radogo, Peter Garza, and other Republican Candidates.

  2. Mr. Peraica, I’m a retired city employee is there anyway possible that all this corruptions can be halted in this city?
    I, retired because I didn’t
    want to join a political machine, I was forced to retire, I’m just thankful God Almighty I could buy the five (5) years I needed.
    So please tell other like myself that you’ll work against this corruption.

    Thanh you

  3. I recently tuned in to the County Board meeting on cable. Since I am 67 years old, I’ve seen and heard a lot, but NEVER the likes of hearing an alderman calling you an #######!
    Mr. Moreno’s mouth could use some soap. How unprofessional! To think my taxpayers money pays for this kind of conduct is disgusting.

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