Chicago Portable Concrete Mixers The Bridgeport Cut #1

Chicago Mobile Concrete Mixers.jpg
Welcome to “The Bridgeport Cut”. The Bridgeport Cut is the way contracts are done in Chicago to assure Mayor Daley and John Daley’s Home Turf gets a piece of the pie. I will have many stories about Bridgeport and the way things are done to keep Bridgeport businesses, politicians, and families a step ahead. I am not saying fraud is involved. Many contractors are asked to bid on projects, services, and supplies in Chicago. Vendors are asked to supply bids through certain vendors instead of dealing directly with the City of Chicago. This does not save taxpayers any money, it costs millions more every year. The mobile cement mixers were added through Standard Truck Center, the base bid is at least double. Bridgeport’s Standard Truck does millions of dollars in open ended contracts. I am for the mixers and the jobs they provide, but at what cost? Photo by Patrick McDonough

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