Chicago's New F.B.I. Headquarters/ Sorich Trial

Chicago's New F.B.I. Headquarters.jpg
In the thick of Chicago’s Corruption Beltway, stands a new building to house Chicago’s Federal Bureau of Investigation. Mayor Daley, John Daley, and many politicians must wonder why the site picked is so close to Bridgeport. That might be because of the close proximity to Streets and Sanitation, Water Management, and Mobbed up Trucking Companies. It is also close to Bridgeport businesses that need a closer looking into. I heard some inside stuff that David Hoffman of the Chicago Inspector General is the real deal and would rather resign than get dirty. A promising sign. I still say call the F.B.I.’s new number at 1-312-421-6700. Ask for Public Corruption Section, they get the job done. Also Sorich trial update, today, Michael Madigan’s name was brought up often. The Bureau of Electricity is called “Madigan Electric”. Durkin dishing it out, careful Chicago Clout Boys. Photo by Patrick McDonough.