Mayor Daley's Scab Banner Companies

May 15, 2006, Today I was rather disgusted by watching some young kid jumping around with a van and “Cherry Picker” race from light pole to light pole. With-in inches, the Chicago Banners are hung near high voltage electric and city lighting lines. Up and down the young man worked and than raced to the next pole with no help, no safety, no watchman, no driver. All by himself. He was on Columbus Drive by the Garden in the City Exhibits at Butler Field. I called the company that has done over half a million dollars worth of city business and found out, Bannerville USA is a non-union company. Hey Unions keep feeding Daley money!! Street and Sanitation workers rejoice!!! Scabs doing City Workers Jobs. P.S. If you were fired for residency, tell your lawyer the company is based in… Western Springs, Illinois. Chicago Taxpayers pay to have him drive from the far west suburbs.