Thank you Chicago Media Press Conference

Michael Flannery.jpg
I am very grateful to Michael Flannery for his time on May 16, 2006 as I am to all Chicago Media that walk a fine line of reporting. I agree, it is not fair to take sides. During the time , I have dealt with many famous Chicago Media that want to report a story. I have always been very honest as I know the Chicago Media know more about me than I do. Mr. Flannery had some questions from decades ago that were proof if you lie to Chicago Media, you will get your rear end kicked. Soon, many people will come forward to get their chance to tell their story, at the Federal Trial.
I am hoping all the objections from lawyers at the Personnel Hearing will get overruled, and we get to dish it out. Mr. Michael Flannery Clout Rating: Monster Clout. Photo by Channel 2 Chicago