Who are these Chicago City Guys?

Chicago City Workers.jpg
Contest, the first to tell me the name of these Chicago City Workers will win a lunch from me to a nice restaurant. Two are MTD Union Teamsters from the City of Chicago Department of Water Management. These are classy city employees that give 110% to the Taxpayers of Chicago. Hurry and collect your lunch and invite the wife. Photo by Patrick McDonough

3 Replies to “Who are these Chicago City Guys?”

  1. These guys are real supporters of working people. Most of those unions suck. They need real leadership.

  2. these guys have been in power to long, they are only looking out for themselves, and their son-in-laws or their daughters have been cutting backroom deals with whom ever they can or whom ever can get them a deal.

  3. Three of the hard working dedicated MTD’s in the photograph above work in the Dept.of Water Mgmt.and the gentleman second from the right is a MTD at the 911 center.Also,you will be hearing from and seeing more of the other three gentlemen because they are part of a slate of stand up guys that are running against the incumbants of Teamsters Local 726 in an upcoming election in October 2007. STAY TUNED,BECAUSE IT’S GOING TO GET INTERESTING……

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