Ramon Caraballo, Patrick McDonough, Chicago Whistleblowers

Ramon Caraballo.jpg
Ramon Caraballo and Patrick McDonough enjoy a chat after Ramon was featured in the front page of the Chicago Tribune on December 4, 2005. Ramon was fresh from testifying in the McDonough Residency Hearing. Ramon exposed much about the Mayor Daley’s Hispanic Democratic Organization. The (H.D.O.) Chicago is awash in Mayor Daley’s corruption. On July 30, 2006, Ramon was again on the front page of the Chicago Tribune exposing the Mayor Daley’s Trading Services for votes. This still goes on to this day and shocking examples will unfold at McDonough vs. City of Chicago Federal Trial. Plain and simple, everything is for sale at Chicago City Government for a price. Articles by Laurie Cohen, Todd Lighty and Dan Mihalopoulos, Chicago Tribune Staff Reporters. Also Darnell Little. Just scratching the surface of Daley’s Mob Machine. Photo by Brigid McDonough.