Alderman Support Non-Union Daley?

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I hope someone can explain this to me. On August 9, 2006, the second wave of “Hired Truck Scandal” starts anew. I was at the City of Chicago Department of Water Management at 1801 West Pershing working and on the way out to leave, I spotted a company pressure washing the Sewer Trucks in the rear of the building. I asked the first of two men what Union he is a member of, He did not understand me, (did a bell ring?) He got his boss that said he is not a member of the Union. I called the company and they said they are members of Local 52. If you Google local 52, the number is disconnected. Carol of this company provided the me the information. This is the same company I featured washing Chicago City Hall Sidewalks. This is Hired Truck Scandal version Number Two. What is going on with Mayor Daley and his Clear Vision of Chicago Government? Same old tricks, different package. This company based in Cicero, you know the suburbs. That is where the Chicago Taxpayers money goes. Photo by patrick McDonough.

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  1. We are on these guys like flies on shit! Thanks for the call, downstate problems.

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