Mayor Daley Hiring Scandal Update Teamsters Union 726

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Today, many Chicago Department of Water Management Union Teamsters Members received a letter stating they are fired or back in a temporary position all over again. After clearing a hurdle to become full time legit union workers at the Department of Water Management, some workers might be fired or returned to a lessor status. Many workers were asking for Frank Avila’s number to sue the Union, the City of Chicago, and the Shakman compliance officer. I guess this last list of hiring was not on the level. Until Chicago fires all involved, millions will be paid in lawsuits. Big Slick screwed the Shakman compliance officers again, they have no idea just how corrupt the City of Chicago under Daley is. Where is the Chicago Water Department Lawyers that sign off on illegal deals? I gave the phone numbers to Chicago Newspapers Reporters to the men and ladies that need to explain to their families Mayor Daley’s Corruption means no food on the table soon. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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