Tony Peraica Cook County Board President?

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In case you are wondering what my political beliefs are, I am a Democrat. I believe in the Union Worker Cause, it is essential to the balance of political power in this county. I asked Tony Peraica on the Radio about his beliefs regarding the possible layoffs policies he would have regarding Cook County Workers. He agreed he would look at consultants and all Hiring across the board. That is fair as the Cook County Board has bloated Management. We discussed this on the Tom Roesner show on WLS Radio, months ago. Cook County Government is a train wreck and needs to be rebuilt. I like Tony Peraica and he is a very nice person. He just beamed when he played his guitar.
Remember to meet Tony at the GOP of Lyons Township Picnic. Aug 27, 2006 at Cermak Woods 10:00-5:00. Tons of free goodies, games for the kids and it is free. Photo by Patrick McDonough

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