Jaime Hernandez Hired Truck Owner Speaks Up

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From all gossip, we can conclude, Chicago’s Sun-times article exposing the Corruption and Clout in Mayor Daley’s Hired Truck Program was brought a screeching halt, the “Hired Truck Program” was terminated on Friday September 15, 2006. Many contractors are out of the scandal plagued programs that made some insiders millions of dollars. I think the program will morph into something else to keep the insiders rich. One Chicago Hired Truck Contractor was squeaky clean and made it to the end of the program. He and his books were examined by the Chicago Inspector General, the F.B.I., and the Internal Revenue Service. Jaime Hernandez owned Aztec Trucking, Inc. Please use this company that is MBE and DBE certified. His company phone number is 312-215-5990. We completed a long video tonight and look forward to some things this man had to say. After talking to Jaime I came to the conclusion, the less business you got from the Chicago Hired Truck Program, the more legit your business was. Jaime is backing William “Dock” Walls for Mayor of Chicago. Photo by Patrick McDonough

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  1. Pat, where’s the video you guys did. We’d love to see it. I see that you have other videos posted. Jaime’s my boss I would love to hear what he had to say.

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