My first official non-democrat endorsement is Judy Baar Topinka

Judy and me 2.jpg
Many of Chicago City Workers bust their butts every day and give a honest days work for a honest days pay. The state of affairs in Chicago has hit a point where Chicago City Workers need good honest managers of Illinois to make sure the mistakes of Mayor Daley and his lackey Rod Blagojevich is put in check. Rod was sold as the reformer and his bunch cleaned our state out. The birthday gift of $1500.00 to his daughter is not a reflection of democrat values. Rod lies and shows no respect to his father-in-law. Rod is a George Ryan Democrat, I suggest to all Chicago City Workers to vote for the lady that put Whistle-blower laws on the books in Illinois, to vote for my first ever GOP choice, Judy Baar Topinka as next Governor of Illinois. I hope she uses her clout to fix the mess. Patrick McDonough.