Union Workers Shop Costco Daley's Big Box Veto

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I know Mayor Daley’s face has a southern slack jaw inbred look to it, but when I saw the front page of the Chicago Sun-Times on September 14, 2006, I confess I almost vomited. Daley has some teeth growing in all sorts of directions. Well let us look at the issue of the big box ordinance. Chicago’s City Council started doing their job after letting the Mayor’s Administration run wild with taxpayer’s money for years. An ordinance passed which the majority of Chicago aldermen wanted and the majority of Chicago citizens demanded. Big box is not a big deal per se, because I feel the unions have an obligation to organize. They have blown years of organizing and have been in bed with Mayor Daley far too long. Chicago Unions could make a good start by requiring all labor laws on the books are enforced. Some unions do a poor job protecting the rights of Chicago city workers. Phony minority companies are non-union and receive millions of taxpayer’s money but pay their workers a sub-standard wage. Why is Tadin of Marina Cartage given 1.1 million dollar insider deal in the 11th Ward? Tadin is non-union, but I was told by one of his workers he has some union guys. I saw Tadin’s Water Tank Trucks on the Dan Ryan construction project. Tadin is one of Daley’s buddies, was the unions told to back off organizing Tadin’s trucking empire? Daley is in lots of trouble with the FEDS, was a deal made with George W. Bush to veto the Big Box Ordinance for leniency on the Criminal and the illegal use of Clout? Mayor Daley is a “George Ryan” Democrat and a disgrace to all working families. We call the Daley’s “Lace Curtain Irish”, because they forgot their roots are in Ireland. As for Daley using the race card by having a bunch of poor blacks on stage with him, what would you expect from people that are the product of his failed school system? Would you expect the poorly educated to expect a fair wage, look at the poorest areas of the United States, they are anti-union and live in squalor. Thanks to the sky high taxes in Chicago expect to have both parents working, expect poor schools, and more families with no electricity. Daley is a “RAT” on his non-union veto. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

3 Replies to “Union Workers Shop Costco Daley's Big Box Veto”

  1. Did you see the picture of Alderman James Balcer in the Chicago Sun-Times Friday September 14, 2006? That is a Daley phoney that wears nice clothes, has an American flag, and has a set of teeth that that looks like shit. Balcer is a Scab. Vote that pig back into the Chicago Stockyards. Stanley.

  2. Make sure you see page 17 of the Chicago Sun-Times. A UnionFacts.com took a entire page ad to rub salt on the top Union bosses. I am sure Big Business had a good laugh on this. Time for the Chicago Unions to step to the plate and send Mayor Daley packing.

  3. For all your complaints about corruption, it would seem to me that you would be a fan of dumping legislation that would turn over the Chicago working class to Unions, by far the most corrupt organizations on the planet.

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