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At most community events concerning the betterment of government you can count on Wayne Strnad’s participation and involvement. When my “since than reversed” termination with the City of Chicago Department of Water Management, Wayne stood by my family’s side to let people know the firing was a retaliation for my whistleblowing activities. Wayne was at the TRAC meeting September 14, 2006 to protest the massive tax increases in Chicago. Wayne uncovered massive vote fraud and claims Daley’s buddy Dick Devine (Cook County State’s Attorney) did nothing about it. Gee… you mean the same guy that hired Alexander Vroustouris runs a clout and corruption free office? Visit Wayne at.. http://www.citizensforcommunityaction.org/ Photo by Patrick McDonough

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  1. It does ones heart good to know that there are people out there who are fighting for everyone, be they a city employee, a political figure, the poor taxpayer that is getting fleased out of their hard earned income, etc.

    Today, Sept. 19, 2006 marks the first day that anyone can start circulating a petition for alderman. The Chicago Board of Elections as well as the State of Illinois Board of Elections should have posted online a “candidate guide.” Contained within should be a sample petition.

    Guess what? Neither website has a sample petition available for potential candidates that want to run. We think this is unfair and should be addressed by the State Board of Elections. If you also think this is not right then you can email the State Board of Elections at: webmaster@elections.state.il.us

    However, you should be aware that the State Board of Elections shall not reply to your email; not even an autoresponder is available to confirm receipt of your email.

    In the meantime, you are cordially invited to visit http://www.citizensforcommunityaction.org/voterfraud/vf/ to see how elections are stolen through the absentee vote.

    We encourage everyone to get involved, in any capacity whatsoever, in their community and the community-at-large.

    Stay well and prosper.

  2. Candidate Guide Update

    This morning the Chicago Board of Elections posted the following information at its website:


    RE: Nominating petitions for February 27, 2007 Municipal General Election

    DATE: September 14, 2006

    For past municipal elections in the City of Chicago, the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners did make sample nominating petition forms available for distribution to interested candidates for Alderman. However, due to recent federal court decisions involving election jurisdictions in other states, the Board is not making sample petition forms available for the February 27, 2007 Municipal General Election.

    The Illinois State Board of Elections generally makes available “Suggested” sample petition forms for the various types of elective offices throughout the State of Illinois. However, be aware that these forms were not specifically drafted for use by candidates for the office of Alderman in the City of Chicago. Potential candidates for Alderman in the City of Chicago are cautioned and urged to seek competent legal counsel for assistance in drafting candidate nominating petitions.

    If you wish to obtain a sample nominating petition form from the Illinois State Board of Elections, you may contact the State Board at 312-814-6440 or you may obtain petition forms included with the Board’s soon-to-be posted “2007 Candidate’s Guide” on its Web Site at http://www.elections.il.gov.
    (This link will not work…you need to copy and paste in the address bar. They forgot to put http://)

    For more information regarding petition requirements, including minimum signature requirements and where to file petitions, check the “2007 Election Information Pamphlet” and the 2007 Election Calendar” behind the “Election/Election Calendar” tab on the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners’ Web Site at http://www.chicagoelections.com.

    We hope you find this information informative.

  3. hey just dropping a note that I worked with wayne and he helped out a young group with their campaign.
    we are proud to say we have just received the endorsement of tax accountability, the pac arm of N.T.U.I. the biggest tax watch dog group in the state. I am in a 3 man race with one opponent being the machines and one being run and financed by a less than credible ex incumbant that I originaly was running against . the reason for my contact is that any one for fair and open elections that are not controlled by a machine is a friend of ours ..and we would welcome a chance to interview for your endorsement.

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