Chicago's Clout Workers' Compensation Clout List

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I am very happy about the another round of ammo aimed at Mayor Daley’s Administration. Please read a great article about the Clout Sick List by Tim Novak and Art Golab of the Chicago Sun-Times. click here:,CST-NWS-disabledex19.article This is major trouble ahead for Mayor Daley. As we investigated at my Residency Hearing, Tom Briatta, a foreman for the City of Chicago Department of Water Management stated under oath, McDonough was trouble because he wanted Shoring in the ditches. Years ago Chicago’s Water Department of Water Management refused to make the ditches safe for the employees. Also if you look at our prior posts, we revealed the treatment for guys with no clout, your sent back to work sick. The real news will be, Were all city workers treated the same, with comparable injuries? Did some workers in Chicago get light duty, or were sent back home to get better? Did supervisors tell Mercy Works to give some workers preferential treatment? Is this a conflict with the lawyers and Alderman Burke? I hope Frank Avila gets credit for bringing this to light at the McDonough vs. City of Chicago Residency Hearing. Please see a picture of me today so you understand how dangerous the job is. On the positive side, Chicago under the leadership of Commissioner John Spatz, Jr. is starting to take the steps to make the work-site safer. Since he is new, he should be afforded what ever time he needs to steer this sinking ship around.

]]>Also, on the positive side, I spoke with Commissioner Spatz and his Staff today on other issues such as the Chicago Department of Water Managements response to transfers, and policy procedures. I admire Commissioner Spatz for his time to listen to the troops in the front line, wisdom indeed. More on this later.

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  1. Most people know you bust your ass off at work every day! Thanks Patrick!

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