Daley Insurance Brokerage, Inc.

I thought it was Daley and George? John Patrick Daley and John Richard Daley. Hired Truck Scandal?

3 Replies to “Daley Insurance Brokerage, Inc.”

  1. Nice picture and Marina Cartage in the picture? If a picture is worth a thousand words this is it. Also why did they rename Daley and George? Daley does that every time the FEDS come sniffing. John Patrick Daley and John Richard Daley are the salesmen at the company. Call 1-773-927-0800 and I bet you can still get Chicago City Business if you buy their insurance from them. You might get a leg up on other companies.

  2. What’s the story here? Daley and George is a Law Firm downtown. Daley Insurance has been in Bridgeport since the seventies. This story has no story. (Response, wait a while, you will get it).

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