Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke and Patrick McDonough

Framed Mrs. Burke.jpg
On Thursday October 12, 2006 I enjoyed a discussion with Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke. Justice Burke is the wife of Edward Burke a Chicago Alderman I admire. Justice Burke is also a first class Advocate for the Children harmed by Chicago Catholic Priests. Her outstanding research set the bar higher regarding behavior in Catholic Churches and Schools. Many of her demands were not met by the Catholic Church yet. Also as the wife of Alderman Burke I would also give Justice Burke a high Clout rating. Now she has more clout than her husband. Justice Burke raised a large family and than received a Law Degree. We discussed Residency Issues and the Legal System in Illinois. Please enjoy this framed photo. Please note: Patrick McDonough’s high class Department of Water Management threads, safety orange.

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  1. Dear Mr. McDonough, you are losing weight, it is starting to show, nice job stud.

  2. can mrs burke help andre watson or can lead him i the right direction?

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