John Daley a "Bridgeport Rat" declares Union-workers

Big Rat in Bridgeport.jpg
Oct 11, 2006 Non-Union workers in Chicago are not welcome said one Union Official. Bridgeport with the wealth of income from the Mayor’s Mob Boyz and 26th street crew enterprises are building million dollar homes right next to Pork Processing Plants. (Bridgeporters do not know any better) Member’s of Laborers Local 4 are protesting, a former Streets and Sanitation Union Operating Engineer’s scab company is building non-union in the heart of old man Daley’s neighborhood at Lowe and Pershing. (39th street and Lowe, Chicago). “John Daley is a “Rat”. What is he going to do about this, look at the guys behind the “Rat” and you decide if this company is taking advantage of illegal immigrants”. “We also know what is going on with the Chicago Inspectors”, said a picketer. “Mayor Daley will not get a penny from Chicago Unions or we are voting leadership out”, said another laborer. I guess the Chicago Unions are waking up. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

5 Replies to “John Daley a "Bridgeport Rat" declares Union-workers”

  1. Where is Frank Coconate when you need him? Put the rat on John Daley’s front lawn and see how he likes it.The rat bastard! Now John that’s enough!!!!! You are pissing in the wind and making enemies more than you already have now..John Daley. What’s he thinking?

  2. The Local 726 Teamsters voted no confidence with Mayor Daley. Unions are waking up and we are not taking Daley’s crap anymore.
    Keep up the great site.

  3. Why don’t you go back up north mcdummy, and the job promotion you went for went to King, you will not be a asst. Superintendent. Talley fixed that. All promotions in the Chicago Department of Water Management go to our guys. The fix was in so why waste time filling applications?

  4. McDonough got his a** chewed out this morning as the laborer on the site is Al the Laborer Foreman’s brother, a legal that the laborers union would not give a job to. Al is also close friends to Rocco the owner of the company. You hit a soft spot McDonough,

  5. McDonough was months ahead of the scams in Bridgeport. Nice going, now the Chicago Sun-Times shows the same rats crooks building condos in Bridgeport while on Duty Disability. Daley’s a crooks. Rats.

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