Mayor Daley's Hired Truck Scandal Video

Frank Avila and Patrick McDonough host Issue Forum Chicago Clout 1click here to watch video The Mayor Daley Hired Truck Program involved many more aspects to the way business is done in the Crime ridden Daley Administration. Hired Truck program involved phony minority business, scam Union oversight, and back door deals. Enjoy this video with Jamie Hernandez, a Hired Truck Contractor that got the shaft. Angelo Fata, a teamster and driver for the City of Chicago. Angelo is also running a slate to lead the 726 Teamsters. The same Teamster Membership that voted not to endorse Mayor Daley. Frank Avila is the top lawyer in Chicago for employees hurt by Chicago Mismanagement. Patrick McDonough is the Whistle-blower in the Hired Truck Scandal uncovered by Mark Brown at the Chicago Sun-Times. Enjoy Patrick McDonough