Chicago is Green? "Not at all", says Chicago Tribune Writer

Please read this great article by Michael Hawthorne of the Chicago Tribune in today’s paper. I said on many different blogs and web sites the the City of Chicago is not green unless you are talking about cash bribes. Many yuppies said I was wrong, guess I was right on the money. Please, Chicago must improve the environment as we are next to a major source of the country’s water supply. No more phony “Green Policies Mayor Daley. Click here :,0,4714874.story?coll=chi-business-hed So all you eco-dudes, call Mayor Daley and tell him to tell the truth. Patrick McDonough.

One Reply to “Chicago is Green? "Not at all", says Chicago Tribune Writer”

  1. Mayor Daley and his phony Eco “Green” policy people took a two page ad in the Chicago Sun-Times to snub the Chicago Tribune report on the bull-crap “Green Policies” the City has. It is all smoke screen and mirrors. Mayor Daley lied to all people trying to protect the earth from pollution. All the yuppies in Chicago should drop his ass from office. is a kick ass web site!

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