Chicago Residency Law Update More I.G. Scams

Dear Chicago City Workers. Last week another Chicago City Plumber was sent to Mayor Daley’s Inspector General to be investigated for residency violations. The Chicago Inspector General’s office is across the street from Chicago City Hall. When you enter the Inspector General’s reception area, a picture of a youthful Mayor Daley is hung on the wall. So much for the Inspector General’s independence, right? The Plumber told me yesterday he went to the I.G. after they attempted to pick him up in a city car on the job-site about a week ago. (More Gestapo Tactics). The plumber was “represented” by a Plumber’s Local 130 Business Agent. The plumber resigned last week but was allowed to work until today, his final day. The Plumber also told me what I already knew, he was threatened with his brother’s termination unless he resigned. The family allegedly involved is the Guilfoyle Family, direct blood from Mayor Richard J. Daley’s wife’s family. Ole Man Daley took pride in helping in helping family, this Mayor is disgusting. Mayor Daley’s Administration spends billions of Taxpayers money on contractors located outside the city limits. It was just in the paper months ago, residency investigations were on the back burner. Trust me on this, Mayor Daley is cleaning out the closet of any possible embarrassments, between TIF’s and O’Hare expansion, and the contracts, Daley and Money are “Job One”. Please call that 20 year Plumber and wish him the best. Time to terminate the political Chicago Residency Laws.

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  1. this city and furthermore this country was built on people helping people. if you cant help your family who can you many family members have been fired since 2002. the year the sun times reported on family members of the mayor working for the city?

  2. If you don’t live in the city and work for the city you should be fired. You all knew that when you got the jop

  3. If you don’t live in the city and work for the city you should be fired. You all knew that when you got the job

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