Patrick McDonough Certified Producer November 26, 2006

Graduation Day Dad.jpg
Today was a milestone for Patrick McDonough and many class members that passed the exam for “Certified Producer”. It has been a long road of learning camera techniques and the many aspects of Studio Production. I look forward to working with Frank Avila and Tony Joyce on many projects in the future. So far every production has been met with accolades. We are going to continue with the Issue Forum- series that has opened the eyes of many Chicago citizens. It will be Co-hosted by Frank Avila and Patrick McDonough. So all you crime busters and Chicago City Workers, you have a voice and friend. Patrick McDonough

6 Replies to “Patrick McDonough Certified Producer November 26, 2006”

  1. Congrats Pat: I know you are just gonna give em’ hell. You’ll probably be bringing as many frowns and scowls as you will smiles. Knowing you, you wouldn’t have it any other way. Heck, If ya ain’t making someone mad ya ain’t doing’ your job.
    Keep it up !

  2. Congratulations Pat! I am certain your show with Frank Avila et. al. will become the “60 Minutes” of Chicago with those who need investigating ducking from your television camera.

  3. Patrick McDonough, nice job. I hope you do some shows on all the Hiring and Promotions Scandals that is still going on in the Department of Water Management. This web site is considered number one in Chicago, because you call a spade a spade. Also do a show on the Hired Truck Scandal. Again nice job McDonough.

  4. have you heard plumbers at night that get 9.2 are going to get screwed. But a marginal politician works 4 months as county president and doubles her pension.

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