Patrick McDonough Voted Today November 7, 2006

Patrick McDonough Votes.jpg
Today at the North Shore Baptist Church, I cast my vote, so I am legally entitled to bring my opinions on the Chicago Political scene. The corner of 5244 North Lakewood was littered with Mary Ann Smith’s crew that asked me to sign a petition so she may run for office again. I took a pass. They remembered me well, but their memories got hazy at my Chicago Residency Hearing, I am not real impressed with the 48th Ward Clique. Also, we need to look into the TIF’s real close, For the “Long and Short” of the issue. (Wink). I hope everyone voted. A nervous poll watcher took this photo, and I was asked what I was doing with a camera by several nervous other poll watchers. Sorry about the poor picture of Patrick McDonough, the camera adds about 60lbs.

3 Replies to “Patrick McDonough Voted Today November 7, 2006”

  1. What a fukin joke, Those ballots were a scam. All you need to do is make the ballot with a marker and you guy gets the vote. Chicago Ballot Bullshit, Daley is a piece of crap.

  2. Dear Mr. McDonough. Thank you for voting in the last Chicago Election, so you are saying we must continue for another few years of your insights? Try to lighten up the stories a bit, we all know Daley is a piece of crap.

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