Plumber blames city (Chicago) for Trench Collapse by Fran Spielman

Fran Spielman wrote an article that exposes a problem with the City of Chicago and Chicago Department of Water Management. Please enjoy this article, click here:,CST-NWS-water17.article I am an unabashed fan of Fran Spielman, as she cuts through the red tape when writing about Chicago Politics. I hope when you read the Chicago Sun-Times you also read the business section as Fran writes business articles on a regular basis. She writes about Chicago City Hall and it’s effect on Chicago Business. Bottom line is every Chicago City Worker can count on a fair reporter with Fran, she is very impartial, and will report the facts. Thank you for the article, and I hope it makes well needed trench safety a priority. It was an honor to be mentioned in this important article. Patrick McDonough