Update; Chicago Inspector General at Water Department Again

A City of Chicago Employee Perry Pearce was driving a Chicago City Van on June 30, 2004. On the orders of his Supervisor he parked the lettered van at City Hall and unloaded the contents inside the building. The Chicago Department of Water Management was issued a parking ticket. Someone at the Water Department took it upon himself to send Perry’s name, address, and personal information to Mayor Daley’s Department of Revenue. Perry received a bill for the ticket at his residence and in his name long after the original ticket. The Hearing officer wondered who placed Perry’s name on the paperwork as this is fraud. The Chicago Inspector General was alerted via the new Internet site. Investigator Amy is on the case. I assure you many people are watching Chicago parking ticket 0045381237. As of November 28, 2006, the mystery remains unsolved. I understand Mayor Daley is concerned about money, but this smells like someone in Chicago Water Management is falsifying official records. I hope you know, Perry is sick to his stomach about this violation of his personal rights. Let see if someone steps forward and makes this right. Patrick McDonough.

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  1. It would be nice to find out why, after he PERRY went to court and was instructed by the JUDGE that the city is to clear this matter up that JOHN ZANDER IS STILL PRESSING THIS ISSUE. There are other issues that need his attention. There are other city employee’s that need watching why is it, the only one’s being watched and given time off are the drivers.

  2. Why did you not put in the article the driver is black. Mayor Daley hates blacks unless they are downtown Uncle Toms and Aunt Jemima’s. Zander seems like a racist and Tommy “Uncle Tom” Talley is a John Daley stooge. Blacks are treated like garbage by White supervisors in the Department of Water Management. Black people have been cheated out of promotions for decades.

  3. When the matter of Mr. perry was brought to the attention of his local union 726 the reply was you are better off paying for the violation, then fight for them to return your money. This is the answer of a so called b.a. of his union, for this advice he being Mr . PERRY has to pay union dues, this advice he could have gotten for FREE. Or he could have gotten that reply out of a 2 yr. old story book. Yet to this date the local has yet to do anything about this issue, or lots of other issues that need to be addressed. Maybe there should be a change at the union, or maybe we need to send the union people back to their old jobs to see how they would like the treatment that we are getting or the treatment that they the union are allowing them to give us.

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