Bill "Dock" Walls Chicago Mayor Candidate Protests in Chicago Goldcoast

Bill Walls.jpg
Bill “Dock” Walls attended a protest at Chicago City Council recently and I got a picture of him. Bill on the left of this picture is a friend of mine and a friend to my family. Please see this video of the protest as some black folk forget where they come from. Deseree Rogers, the token “black woman” of Mayor Daley’s Administration, made a fortune on poor blacks selling the lotto. The lotto was legalized mob money that never helped the schools in the way it was sold. Linda Johnson Rice is another black that forgot her roots and spends more money looking white than many black folks make living in the projects. These two sistas look mighty white to me. Hey rich black leaders, get in the limo and see the blight the poor black people live in just a few miles away from your multi-million dollars home. Help your own, that’s why they are in the ghetto. Support Bill “Dock” Walls have a chance to speak out. Chicago can do better to help the poor. Please see this video Photo by Patrick McDonough

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  1. Who cares about the victims?
    They were just (N-word plural).

    The rich boogie black pimps will support Master Daley.

    Daley was only the State’s Attorney when innocent people went away.

    We can’t find torturers but we can find Pat McDonough in Park Ridge visiting his sick dad.

    Daley needs to got to jail NOW!!!!

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