Chicago Hiring Scandals Continue at Fire Department

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Enjoy this photo of William Harper. Mr. Harper is employed at the Chicago Fire Training Academy. William is not just very handsome, he has a degree from Alcorn University, Lorman MS, in Accounting, a Bachelor of Science from De Vry and a Certificate as a Word Processing Specialist from Tayor/American Business Institute. Chicago City Workers are proud of his accomplishments. Mr. Harper is a model employee with a perfect record in every aspect of job performance. The problem? He as been an Administrative Assistant III for many years. His boss left for another position and William has been an Acting Computer Analyst, when he started asking for the position, the troubles started. Note to the Mayor Daley’s Administration, the Acting and Transfer policies are political. Lets change the policy that does not reward Chicago’s talented workers. We need to expose more people like William and find out what the Shakman officials are doing in a public manner. I am seeing a pattern to the way the black workers are treated after speaking out about injustices. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. I would also like to comment on the new story of Mr. Harper. Mr. Harper is a very well known hard-dedicated worker in many areas of Chicago. He was a very important expect with the Harold Washington administration and when you view the funeral and rotunda wake for the late Mayor Harold Washington, you will find Mr. Harper working hard and diligently throughout the whole services. Mr. Harper has been working with children of disabilities and cancer for over 15 yrs he give his own volunteer time in giving them hope, reading, art, and other form of communications. I was so sad to hear of such an ordeal happening especially to him since all of Chicago knows how well and how hard he has help hold that department up. If he can’t get his prompts, then may God have mercy for the others workers of the Chicago Fire Department.

  2. I would like to thank Chicagoclout for helping to bring this information to the surface. I have tried to get help from Aldermen who wouldn’t even return my call or after meeting with them on these issues, would not get back to me with responses. I have talked to the Fire Commissioner who knew that I have been working out of title for over 8 years and was my former Director of Training and when he became Fire Commissioner gave me his word that he would help to get me in the right position. I was given a desk audit twice, I was refused the first time because I didn’t have the Bachelor in Computer Information Systems as required but I did have the over 5 yrs. experience. After that audit review, I attended DeVry University and graduated with honors in Compute Information Systems and during this time, another outside worker was brought in to work in that position of Computer Application Analyst now called Programmer and I had to train him about the work performance. He left as being the second person to leave this position and the duties was put back into my job performance because I now have the experience and the education but not the title. This position brings in training reimbursement fund money of 1.5 million every year. This money is brought in each year by me alone acting in a programmer’s title that is not my title. The department along with the Human Resource department has written the duties of the programmer’s title into my title of Admin. Asst. III title. There is not one Admin. Asst. III as a city worker that work in Business Objects and writes reports all day and installs software, train and prepare other workers to work with FMPS, produce Adhoc reports, etc. I have proven my work abilities to this department in its entirety and this year alone has accumulated over 330 hours of compensatory time. I have never been late in over 20 years and always at work an hour early from 6:00 am til 3:00pm to 7:00pm at night consistently. I have contacted the Mayor’s Office about this, Aldermen, Labor Officials, Unions etc., is this how hard working , dedicated employee are treated? May the Lord help our Political City Officials.

  3. It has really been sad still knowing how the Chicago Fire Department and the Managerial Staff there are treating Mr. Harper. He has tried to get out of that department and they have black-balled him and made promises only to keep using him. Mr. Harper has paved the way and helped many firefighters, chiefs, Lt’s, etc to get certified when the department didn’t teach or put the materials that were needed to help firefighters and all others to be certified through the State Fire Marshal. Mr. Harper has helped many of us with the Hazardous Material Operations and Hazardous Material Tech process that is in effect to the present. Without Mr. Harper hard work and expertise, many of us would not have qualified for the 5% that is being granted to those members who has passed these courses. We as firefighters and officers have had to call on Mr. Harper many times for help and he took the time to help us be it was after his work hours or before and the reason I write this is because I am one of those members that has needed his help and knowledge in many forms, many of which the department didn’t let us as uniform members know that which we should have been told about. It appears that the most dedicated workers are the least to be promoted in that department. I feel bad because they are representing me and all other uniform members and it is sad because everyone inside and outside the department knows of Mr. Harper’s great work. I hope all my fellow firefighters and members read this and also send comments that it may help this dedicated worker get his promotion as he so much as earned and deserve many years ago. My company prayers are with you Mr. Harper and hope some department that appreciates you will sweep you away one day.

  4. I just read your story about Mr. Harper and Mr. Harper should have left that department years ago. For many years, Mr. Harper has been the only person running the records department by himself. That department use to consist of over 14 civilian members and all of which are gone and Mr. Harper had to run that department by himself. It is an embarrassment to the Chicago Fire Department that they would treat someone who is not a uniform as a slave. Did they not hear, “Slavery Is Over”. That man has earned his prompts and has paved the way long, long ago. I know this because I use to work there with him in the middle 80’s and know what he was doing then. We all know how he is overwork and has really felt sorry for him. To the Commissioner and Deputy Fire Commissioner, “God Don’t Like Uckly.” Every dog will have his day.

  5. For many years, I have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Harper and I must say that he is a very dedicated hard work man. He has given the Chicago Fire Department over 100 percent plus in their short-comings. He has earned that update years ago but the department won’t do right by him, I don’t know if its personal but I will say without him, many firefighters, Lieutenants, captains, chiefs etc would not have been certified as should all due to the hard work and effort Mr. Harper has put into this work. We all within the department know that he is working out of his title because of the two individuals who use to work in that title as Computer Application Analysts I use to do the same exact duties but not nearly as well as Mr. Harper. I was there when Mr. Harper received his Employee of the Year Award and far beyond what he should have received and that was the proper upgrade. Good Luck to you Mr. Harper, I hope you find a better department that can appreciate you, we need more employees like your kind and it was a priviledge working with you.

  6. Everyone within the Chicago Fire Department throughout Chicago is aware of the great work that Mr. Harper has provided with the Chicago Fire Department but with the racist Director of Training there and the Racist Commissioner that has now been placed into these positions, not to forget a very prejudice and unethical unprofessional Labor Relation Commissioner that is taking up space and collecting a paycheck doing nothing but harrassing members of the fire department is so immoral that this are the people that makes us look bad as great firefighters, lieutenants, batt. chiefs, etc. Mr. Harper will never be placed in the proper position for his great work that he has given so dedicated to the Chicago Fire Department unless he were as those who has been promoted to higher positions and those were members that slept with other management and officers to get where they are now, not because they earned to be where they are. Therefore, let the truth be made known that if you aren’t sleeping with the enemies within the Chicago Fire Department, you will never get promoted to any position. We the members of the Chicago Fire Department who have worked so closely with Mr. Harper pray that he will one day be blessed to be granted another position within the City of Chicago and promoted to where he should be, he’s smart, very well educated, and has a great personality and we all knows that he works professional well with others. God will prepare a table before your enemies Mr. Harper and he will deals with those mention above members, so we will keep praying for you and with you. Keep the Faith.

  7. I have known and worked with Mr. Harper for many years, he is a very hard working, dedicated, very educated and most definitely knows his job very well. When I was station at the Quinn Fire Training Academy as an Instructor, it was Mr. Harper who trained me and gave me the information about proper forms, guidelines, certifications and how and where to obtain materials needed for teaching and instructing. It saddens me to read how the department has treated him because let it be known, he really is the one person that has been their for years and knows that department inside and out. He knows hows to fixed computers, program reports and direct info on proper software and equipment. This is not just something he has been doing at the academy, Mr. Harper has been performing his computer programming skills outside the department for years. The Chicago Fire Department is well known for taking advantage of its members that are skillful in various tasks but never promote them in the those proper positions but uses members for the benefits and production and take credit for other employees work. Chief Noy and Charles Kilman have been ass-holes for many years to its members. Kilman has/have always been a racist bastard and Noy is a miserable cocaine head that dont know his head from his ass. I hope Mr. Harper could one day find a better position somewhere else because as long as those two chochas are there, he will never be promoted as he should and every uniformed personnel on the department knows that Mr. Harper deserves to be promoted.

  8. The Chicago Fire Department Management consisting of: Charles Kilman – Labor Relations Commissioner, Leslie Noy – 1st Deputy Commissioner, Richard Edgeworth – Director of Training; all these management members have treated Mr. Harper like shit since they have been on staff, they have constantly blackballed him, prevented him from advancing because they know he is a very valuable asset to the chicago fire department. Mr. Harper brings in 1.5 million in training funds every year that of which is not his job title. The title he has been performing for about the past 12 years were that of two former Program Analyst that advanced an moved to other city department but Mr. Harper was order to perform those programmer analyst duties and has still today not been placed in the appropriate title but as an Admin. Asst. III, what an insult to any black male of Mr. Harper educational background. This why the City of Chicago and the Chicago Fire Department is using him. Mr. Harper has a BA in Computer Info System and a Master in Computer Science. Now what Admin. Asst. III do you know with the city does programming and brings in funding, none! This is an insult to this young man all because management has a “PERSONAL” issue with him and has alway done so. Where is the justice and equality and the respect of the badge, they cant treat their own staff with respect so this show what the hell they care about us as firefighters. God its time to clean house within the Chicago Fire Department and get these racist and disrespectful management out of the dept. so that it can be ran with dignity and respect for all.

  9. First, let me start by thanking “Chicago Clout” for putting this man on their site. I had the priviledge of meeting Mr. Harper a few years ago. A true professional in his own rights but working for the wrong company. We were a few officers from the Chicago Police Dept seeking information about officers testing in different subjects with the fire dept and where to obtain study materials and other questions we had about crossing over etc. To make a long story short, when we arrived, we were directed to a female Commander who didnt know her ass from the tile on the floor. In attempting to ask our questions, she was nasty, rude and totally unprofessional; which redirected us from ever having any colaboration with the chicago fire dept. On our way out the door we were directed to talk to Mr. Harper from another uniform instructor there who gave us Mr. Harper telephone number. When we conversed with Mr. Harper and came back to the academy to see him, he was very knowledgeable and knew that Academy as better than anyone we had talked prior to. He gave us such viable information about courses and testing and certification with the State Fire Marshal that the police dept set up our own test site for testing and it was all due to Mr. Harper. As far as that rude Commander female officer, no wonder their department status rating are down and the workforce placement are under trained. Its obvious that their uniform members are holding titles that they have no reference in performing, but just colleecting city money thru a pay check and overttime and poor employees such as Mr. Harper is getting screwed making them look good thru his lesser paying title. I hope that Mr. Harper would take his case to the federal for investigation, we will be there for you, because you are being blackballed and screwed, if we ever hear of your case, we are there to testify on your behalf.

  10. Just happen to ran across this site and this person, Mr. Harper in seeking fire department information. I would like to add my comment as well. Mr. Harper has been on the department for very long time, well before I came on and he has been a great help to all uniform personnel. I find it a shame that Commissioner Hoff has not help this man in doing the right thing because if it wasnt for this man, he(Comm. Hoff) would not have known what to do when he was the director of training in the early 90’s. This man (Mr. Harper) show Comm. Hoff all the ropes regarding the chicago fire training academy when no one else would help him and assist him because there were a lot of jealous within the department that didnt meet uniform personnel agreement regarding his advancement. Everyone knew for sure that Mr. Harper informed and assist Chief Hoff now known as Comm. Hoff every avenue in production, paperwork, regulations and Mr. Harper was bring in 1.5 million in State Fire Marshal funding to the training division and now that Comm. Hoff is Fire Commissioner and he cant give this man an upgrade. As Fire Commissioner, he as given upgrade to many uniform personnel and even brought a previous firefighter who was killed in the line of duty last year, that firefighter wife is now working for the fire department but he can give a person who help him along the way a upgrade. Well my view on this is, respect is something gained and earned, and since reading this, I have lost all respect for Commissioner Hoff, for we all know what Mr. Harper has brought to the fire department and how he has help all of us who are uniformed personnel. As far as that low-class bastard killman, I hope the new mayor remove that bastard from the fire department, since he has been aboard, he has cause nothing but trouble. He has been messing with Mr. Harper for years and everyone knows about it. Anytime you have to put your energy into a civilian by trying to suspend or take what little pay civilian make, you must be a jeolous, miserable employer who obvious has nothing to do, so why is he on payroll, but blame Comm. Hoff for that as well. Mr. Harper I do hope the new Mayor remove you from that department and put your incredible skills and talent to a more appropriate use for the City of Chicago. You are truly blessed with education, skills and talent. Keep your head up, Be Blessed!

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