Mayor Daley's phony lead crackdown on Jewelry

The king of hypocrites, Mayor Daley, is cracking down on lead poisoning in Chicago. Please read this article by Fran Spielman, the City Hall Reporter at the Chicago Sun-Times. Click here:,CST-NWS-lead13.article What Mayor Daley and his Administration failed to tell the public is the most dangerous exposure to lead, the Chicago Water Supply. Most of Chicago’s Water Services from the water main to the house are made of lead. In fact, as a licensed Plumber for the City of Chicago, I am exposed to lead on a daily basis. Lead is in the Fire Hydrants and the joints of the Chicago Water Mains. The old advice of running the tap until the water is cold still runs true. Many Chicago employees only drink bottled water, but I think that is a little extreme. I think you have a better chance of getting lead poisoning in Chicago from drinking the Water than swallowing lead jewelry. In fact, Chicago hires Caulkers which are political laborers that work with lead all day. (or so their job description recommends) Please give me your opinion. Patrick McDonough.

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