Alderman Joe Moore 49th Ward Video

Not long ago, Alderman Joe Moore made a video with Frank Avila so his Ward could better know his view on the issues. Frank Avila hosted Election 2007 a well known Chicago access cable show. I have spoke to Alderman Joe Moore for many years on many issues and he always returned my calls. We spoke about his Whistleblowers laws and I featured him on this site during the Chicago Big-Box fight that garnered Mr. Moore with national news coverage. Alderman Moore is not afraid to mix it up with Mayor Daley and is not a rubber stamp. Chicago would have less corruption with more free thinking Alderman. Please click here to watch video Patrick McDonough.

2 Replies to “Alderman Joe Moore 49th Ward Video”

  1. Joe Moore is the biggest hypocrite by far on the City Council. In his 16 years in office, he has NEVER told the truth when a lie could serve him better. It is a pity that our current US Attorney treats Aldermen like minnows; too small to be worth prosecuting. Otherwise, Moore would be wearing an orange jumpsuit by now after all the “campaign contributions” this piece of garbage has taken from every slumloard in his ward.

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