Alex of McKinsey Management

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Yesterday, on January 22, 2007, Alex and Patrick McDonough were joking about the management at the City of Chicago Department of Water Management. I asked him about the hiring of politicians to run the department. He agreed about getting rid of the politicians. Oh, we laughed. I asked security if he signed in, he did not. I asked why this man is on Chicago City property, she said he is a consultant.

]]>Today on January 23, 2007, Alex was back taking pictures at 3901 South Ashland. I asked Alex why he did not have a helmet, why he did not have a safety vest, and why he was not wearing safety shoes. I guess Alex does not need to follow safety rules. Alex went out with Union Crews and Alex does not know a single thing about what Cleveland (Investigator Truck))does for a living. But, taxpayers paid Alex to watch a 30 year veteran work. Alex works for McKinsey Management 21 South Clark Chicago Illinois 60603 1-312-551-3500. Today Alex did not sign in again and had no I.D. When I went to Mayor Daley’s Chicago Vendor Web site, I saw nothing about McKinsey Management. Consultants, consulting, consultant’s, consulting. How did this man get on Chicago City property with no I.D.? Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. ALL of you FOOLS who voted for Stroger deserve to have your jobs layed off.
    PERAICA should of won
    Todd Stroger never worked a day in his life and was born with a silver spoon in his mouth
    Tony Peraica was an orphan and worked his whole life

    Dennis Gannon should be ashamed and resign or at least apologize to the members for endorsing Stroger and now getting fucked in the ass raw without a condom

    Todd Stroger should cut 17% of the 11th and 19th and mostly 8th ward before cutting vital services
    and laying union workers off and hurting their families

    disgusting hypocricy

    They should apologize to the people for stealing this election from Peraica

  2. City workers BEWARE layoffs and transfers are coming March 31

    Daley is anti-union
    Lay offs
    Todd Stoger
    furlough days
    reduction of benefits
    corrupt no bid contracts
    using illegal aliens
    out of state businesses
    out of City workers
    no health benefits
    3rd world wages
    sad and pathetic

  3. Patrick McDonough,
    I am sorry I backed Todd Stroger. He betrayed working families.
    I am also sorry I backed Richard Daley.

    I apologize to you and Frank Coconate.

    I am also I let the City, the Mayor, and the Plumbers union fire you and Frank Coconate. Thank God you and Coconate got a good lawyer like Frank Avila to get your job back.

    Fraternally yours,

    Dennis Gannon

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