Chicago Alderman Troutman in Hot Water

Please see Chicago Channel 7 News, Click here: Alderman Troutman was nice to me and is an advocate for her ward. I hope and pray the FEDS spend more time on Mayor Daley and not this minor stuff. The City of Chicago is losing millions from shady contracts, let us get the big fish in the corruption pool. Patrick McDonough.

5 Replies to “Chicago Alderman Troutman in Hot Water”

  1. why do u get to pick and choose what forms of corruption are OK? if shes guilty shes guilty. who cares if she was nice to u

  2. Patrick, with all due respect to your opinion (and I agree that the federal probe into the Daley administration must continue unabated), the US Attorney cannot ignore the criminal actions of many of our aldermen. For too long, the feds have treated the members of the City Council like a fisherman might treeat a minnow that he catches and throws back because it is too small.

    Communities across this city are adversely affected by the corrupt antics of their Alderman. These scoundrels need to be brought to justice, without further delay. I hope the troutman arrest means that the feds have ended their longnap under this US Attorney and will now go after them with vigor.

  3. boo hoo, she was nice to me, You know I thought you had a good thing going here,but i’m not so sure anymore. what are your motivations?

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