Chicago Top 39th Ward Aldermanic Candidate Chris Belz

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January 10, 2007 gave me a chance to meet a 39th Ward Candidate that has no Mob Ties. Chris Belz is a very nice person that has always helped the community. His Father is an institution in the ward, an attorney that has fought for residents of the 39th Ward. Chris’s office is at 4407 North Elston Avenue, his phone number is 1-773-494-5429. Please see his web site, click here: Let us hope Chris joins us on television so he can get the word out. Patrick MCDonough.

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  1. chris is genuine and out to help us hopefully he can get us out of fright for speaking up against the ward group
    good luck chris!! you have my vote, smile though its going to come.

  2. Look into the Admiral Theatre. Many Muslims in the ward do not like a place where wild sex activities take place. Is someone getting payoffs, Margey Wargy? Remember all Chicago Alderman are “Ho’s”. If all the Alderman are “Ho’s” that makes Mayor Daley the “Big Pimp”. Right? Also Chicago Catholics do not endorse the Admiral Theatre, it is immoral say top Catholics.

  3. The Laurinos have long taken bribes, payoffs, and extorted money from porno kings like the Admiral and the Greeks and the gambling and the other sleaze

  4. nice hand gesture in that photograph-did he learn that in “how to be a potential crook alderman 101”-stroke!

  5. The Laurino Family are the Daley Family of the North Side. They contol the jobs. When are they going to be sent up the river by the feds? White collar crime.

  6. How come all his workers have records including him. Let’s see if you can match the crimes with the worker. Which one is a child pornographer? What about belz’ own police record?

  7. I’m confused. How can a reform site like this justify supporting a guy who has been arrested and pleaded guilty for battery and criminal damage to property? Only 14 of 24 circulators have criminal records? What a joke! People keep making comments about the Admiral. Are you guys on crack? Since when did the Alderman get to pick and choose who can own property and run a business that is zoned to be there in their ward? IGNORANCE!

  8. It’s about time……. that someone exposed this phony, lying hypocrite for what he is. Self- made my ass! Big lawyer daddy (another phony bastard) is funding this clown that he calls a son. Come to think of it, he does look like Phil Greenberg…….

  9. How come all the signs at restrauants for Belz have been involved with gamgling machines or other illegal gambling devices? Now who has mob ties?

  10. Bruce Randazzo is your Campaign Manager?? Is this the same Bruce Randazzo who was charged with destruction of City Property while being on City property and almost lost his job??
    Say it aint so Chris.

  11. Now I can see why Alderman Laurino super sized 17th district. To eventually house Chris Belz and ALL of his workers. The crime rate would probably be non-existant with these criminals off the street.

  12. Hey Chris,
    When you go to work Monday morning,what are you going to tell your BOSS, Dorothy Brown, who thinks you are endorsing her for Mayor? Isn’t that what you said last year? Now, I understand you were quoted as saying ” I am endorsing no candidate for Mayor”. Priceless..

  13. It’s looong past time for a change in the 39th. The arrogance and neglect are staggering. Might be nice to have an alderman who isn’t drunk with entitlement, actually attends his office, and LISTENS to his constituents. Sure he’s a young man, but he’s got a good head on his shoulders. Go Chris!

  14. I heard Randy got escorted out of his office by investigators, bohoo, hopefully margie will be next but insead of investigators it will be the voters, sorry saps.

  15. All of you BUSTOUTS and CRIMINALS in the BELZ CAMP are in for a rude awakening. Alderman Laurino has a fine public service record to be proud of. The ONLY record ANY of you even have is a criminal record. The people in the 39th Ward are much smarter than you think. By the way, who is the person charged with 6 counts of child pornography that went door to door and circulated petitions for BELZ?

  16. Hey Chris, I hope your dad gives you a million dollars to run your campaign, because it will be nice to see that integrity will prevail over money.

  17. Hey Chris, where is the headquarters for this so-called “community organization” that you’re involved in..i mean a little closet in your dad’s office doesn’t really cut it

  18. To JFM…

    Where have you been? “It would be nice to have an alderman who actually attends his office” Ald. Laurino is probably one of the few handful of alderman in the council that still has a ward night, who is FULL TIME, and sees EVERYONE no matter who you are…maybe you should do your homework before you try to present an argument like that. Snap back into reality…

  19. Anyone who lives on Elston Ave. or the vicinity thereof
    should know we have a 6 time Emmy Award Winning SEX OFFENDER in our midst. Keep your kids safe. CHRIS BELZ wont. He just hires them.

  20. Regarding the fight Chris is putting up and all people like him that are fed up with the incompetent people in city government:

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

    The most powerful weapon we citizens have is a revolutionary mind.

  21. The problem with the last statement is the our founding fathers did not have police records for battery, prostitution, etc. nor did any face charges for child porn.
    Chris Belz and his lot are just a rich kid with daddies money and a bunch of criminals.

  22. Dear Mr. The Truth,

    Thank you for clearing that up. We founding fathers did not have criminal records for the previously mentioned crimes. Rather we were noble white racist christian slaveowners who said all men are created equal except blacks, american indians, women, and anyone who was not a christian. Also, we stole an entire continent and turned it into one transcontinental commercial cesspool filled with a bunch of incompetent politicians who hide behind the bible, education, and flag burning. These same government officials are elected by ignorant voters who’d rather have an ipod and an xbox than equal rights. Now excuse me, Sally Hemmings awaits my presence in the bedroom. Ciao!


  23. Oh, now i get it! This rambling idiot who talks about government officials being elected by ignorant voters left out one important thing: These “ignorant voters” as you like to refer to them, are the VOICE of government. You can quote and read all the history you like, but you’re still a rambling idiot!

  24. Dear Lefty,
    Thank you for your reply. Exactly what I wanted out of an ignorant voter like yourself. Please don’t repeat what I say, try to come up with your own thoughts.

  25. OK. Here’s my thoughts. YOU ARE STILL AN IDIOT!! And as i said before, these “ignorant voters” you refer to, including myself, ARE THE VOICE of government! Get it now, simpleton?

  26. Dear Lefty,
    Thank you for your reply. Please stop repeating what I said and try to be original, come up with your own thoughts. I know that is a tall order for someone like you but I think you can do it. But if you can’t be original then you can go back to being a naive, miserable, and ignorant voter.

  27. AWWW! Raining on your parade? You have some nerve to talk about anyone when you in fact are pretty much THE lowest form of life that hides behind the name of a Late Great Patriot, WHICH YOU ARE NOT!!! Which makes you……you guessed it! A RAMBLING IDIOT! Go start your revolution…. CASTRO IS CALLING!

  28. Even though I dont live in the 39th i want to see this guy win. More genuine than the band of hired truck crooks running the ward now. Besides, when is pat fitzgerald going to indict the hired truck crooks of the 39th anyway? on an unrelated note, Who is lefty and tom jefferson? these nerds need to marry one another

  29. lefty, you’re a miserable human being. and this fool before me suggests marriage between us! pish posh! only if you want to, iam open minded

  30. Let’s not forget that one of the biggest affronts to true democracy is gerrymandering. Notice how conspicuously the ward was divided. GERRYMANDERING is a serious crime. It is how the so-called “voice of government” as lefty puts it, gets squelched and silenced against the citizens wishes, and, often, their knowledge.

  31. Divided? What Ward are you living in? NOT the 39th. By the way, does Chris Belz have ANY endorsements other than the village idiots that post here? I THINK NOT!! My question still remains, who is the scumbag that circulated petitions for Chris Belz with 6 counts of child pornography? Stay tuned.

  32. remember,lefty, us village idiots are the voice of the government. you need to move to Moscow in the 1950s. or maybe modern day saudi arabia is a better fit.

  33. The only people voting for him (Belz) are you few idiots who have nothing to do since none of you can get jobs because of your criminal records. Let’s look at his campaign workers; felons, prostitutes, and one facing charges for child porn, nice group of people. How about the candidate himself pleads guilty for fighting the police on the CTA. Nice group of Patriots?
    Also, have you seen Belz at the Tribune endorsement video. This guy is a buffone. The Tribune say’s it the best, we see no reason to endorse Belz, Laurino has worked hard to make the 39th ward one of the nicest places to work in the City of Chicago.

    The people of the 39th will speak on Tuesday and it will be a loud endorsement for Ald. Laurino.

  34. who are these idiots that think the Laurino group has no criminal past? just because they’re white collar criminals does not make them above the blue collar ones. i hope the feds indict these white collar thieves, just like they indicted their relatives in the past. oh yeah i am sure the voting fraud on 2/27 will be a loud endorsement for alderman laurino.

  35. Looks like Belz got OWNED on the Tribune editorial interview. Did anyone see the video? He got his ASS WHIPPED!!! It’s a classic case of a MORON with little or NO idea about what’s going on in the real world, much less in the 39th Ward. Stick to accounting, Belzie.

  36. Vote Fraud for Laurino to win. She wins because she does her job and Belz has no case to unseat her. The voters know this.

  37. To the Belz camp:

    All of your arguments are just hasty generalizations and assumptions based on the fact that these “scandals” that sadly occurred in the 39th Ward happened OVER TEN YEARS AGO… Notice how I use the PAST tense in the word “occurred” I was appalled how Mr. Belz said in his closing remarks (aka redundant mumbo jumbo) at the 39th Ward Candidate’s Forum that “The Laurino’s have ruled the ward since 1964 among scandal and that there are rumors of new scandals coming up” I’d like to know what these “new scandals are” Are we saying that it is “scandalous” to build TWO new schools in Albany Park, a police station, and initiate a plethora of infrastructure and economic projects into the 39th? I couldn’t imagine Chris Belz participating in debates in the city Council and in committee meetings, let alone be the chairman of one. No offense need to brush up on Public Speaking 101

    BOTTOM LINE…GET OVER time around don’t have “Chester the Molester” working in the precincts..On Tuesday, Democracy will truly prevail..Hope to see you around Chris before you go back into your chamber

  38. Some of you who have criticized Ald. Laurino have used hasty generalizations and assumptions to back up your arguments. I mean, can’t all of you come up with something better other than mentioning events that happened OVER 10 YEARS AGO!! Its unfortunate that those events sadly occurred Notice how I use the PAST tense in “occurred”. Is there some type of solid or intelligent reason that states why Ald.Laurino deserves to be voted out of office. I was appalled in Mr. Belz’s closing remarks (aka redundant mumbo jumbo)at the 39th Ward candidate’s forum of how he said that “The Laurino family has led the ward since 1964 and there are rumors of new scandals coming up” Is it “scandalous” to initiate two new schools in Albany Park, a police station and a plethora of infrastructure and economic projects in the 39th? Can you imagine how Chris Belz would participate in City Council debates and in committee meetings let alone be the chairman of one? BOTTOM LINE…GET OVER YOURSELF! Next time, don’t have “Chester the Molester” walking the precincts.

  39. I’m a resident in the 39th ward. Everytime I ask for assistance from the Alderman, she does little. She manage to some one reject the requests. She’s not really responsive. Chris Belz might not have a chance but I give him credit for trying to make a change. We’ll see what happens tuesday!! Hey Chris Belz, if you don’t make it this election, don’t give up.

  40. Yes, as a matter of fact I did notice that you use the word “occurred”. Anytime someone or some organization “perpetrates” something, yes, it “occurs”. However, your candor in frankly admitting that criminal acts were knowingly and repeatedly committed is disarming. Perhaps this confession may eradicate some of the guilt you appear to be feeling. Incidentally, claiming to “initiate schools and a police station” is flawed child/primitive logic. it is tantamount to claiming that you created a rainbow because you happened to be around after a rainstorm. Hmmm? Maybe if Newton thought in this manner, instead of creating a theory of gravity he may have put forth the notion that he was cause of the descent of apples. Furthermore, it is an attempt to steal accolades from those that actually worked hard to accomplish something significant.

  41. So the Alderman has nothing to do with schools and police stations? Who worked hard for it if it wasn’t the Alderman?

    I also live in the 39th Ward and have been very impressed with how responsive the office has been whenever I’ve needed anything. My requests have been taken care of promptly and I’ve always recieved a follow up call. I don’t know what the earlier post meant when the person said that the Alderman always finds a way to reject requests. What could you possibly have been requesting that would’ve been rejected?

  42. Yeah Righty, it is an attempt to steal accolades, by the CHRIS BELZ MISINFORMATION CABAL OF CRIMINALS, led by a half-assed bottom feeding attorney who defends the actions of these miscreants, especially the 6 COUNT CHILD PORN KING who was knocking on doors getting signatures for CHRIS BELZ. DO YOU DEFEND THAT TOO, RIGHTY? OR DO YOU FEIGN IGNORANCE?? I’m curious as to how that will turn out, considering DOROTHY BROWN runs the Clerks Office, albeit, not for much longer.

  43. I was hoping that Belz would run a campaign that maybe enough people would know who he is. I was hoping to go door to door and tell people about his petition circulators with criminal records including prostitution, felonies, and charges for child porn. He let’s not forget the candidate himself gets arrested for fighting the police on the CTA. What a bunch of losers. Hey how about those brilliant penius comments and other ramblings. Fox news called and wants to hire you guys for your brilliant political insight.

  44. Mr. Chris Belz has my vote.
    He is not content with the “business as usual” in the 39th and is truly a visionary.

  45. By the time this gets posted Belz will have lost big and his boss Dorothy Brown will lose to. Next time have an issue, a thought, and maybe some workers that are not cast-offs or have criminal records.

  46. Oooh looks like striker/lefty/truth are a little sensitive, well, truth hurts. What is up with the sensationalistic lies about criminal records. blah blah blah. Look in the mirror. Notice, Ladies and Gentleman, how striker/lefty/truth never addresses any valid issues. He always has a knee jerk defensive reaction and resorts to fantastical fabrications and excessive use of capital letters. What, by the way, does “penius” mean. Has your obsession with child porn warped your ability to spell? As to the other individual’s comment about the alderman bringing schools to the 39th ward: actually the alderman had nothing to do with that. That was the work of CPS. What she COULD have done, but DID NOT, was help insure that those schools were staffed with union teachers. They are non-union workers that the alderman helped place in these schools; typical of a lot of the union busting schemes going on in this ward. Much, if not all, of her own propaganda and fliers is printed by non-union shops- so much for supporting the fabric of the community. Do I dare raise the spectre of the Kimball, Balmoral and Bryn Mawr debacle?

  47. please raise the spectre of the kimball, balmoral and bryn mawr debacle. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

  48. Hey Righty, take your meds so you can slip back into that semi-concious state before the campaign began.

  49. I truley feel bad for Christopher Belz. A friend of mine worked on the campaign and said his father used to walk him around the office on a leash. Apparently he still spanks poor Chris on a regular basis.

    The campaign was run about as well as Dorothy Brown runs the courthouse.

    Break away from daddy Chris. He’s using your ugly mug b/c he knows he’s a loser!

    Just tell daddy, “NO, stop touching me.”

  50. Your daddy couldn’t make it in politics either. He’s just a scum bag who sleeps with his trashy clients.

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