Martin P. Cooney Chicago's 47th Ward's Best Candidate

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I brought my children to meet one of the most ethical choices for the Chicago’s 2007 Election cycle. I am asking all of my fellow Chicago City Workers in this Ward to work heart and soul for this candidate. Martin is a member of the Irish-American Heritage Center, runs a Union business, and is a tireless advocate of issues that matter the most to Chicagoan’s. This is a third generation businessman that has served our community for years with impeccable honesty and dignity. Also in picture, Patrick Jr. David and Michael McDonough. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

5 Replies to “Martin P. Cooney Chicago's 47th Ward's Best Candidate”

  1. I was very impressed when I met Martin Cooney. He is heads and shoulders above the wormy Alderman Schulter.

  2. Mr. McDonough, keep helping this Martin out all you can. Shulter is a piece of Dog Shi@T. He stinks with special interest money. Good Luck to Cooney, we will watch the polls for fraud!!

  3. Thank you for featuring this candidate. If you’re not a resident of this Ward – and you’d like to see corruption first-hand -check out the incumbent’s signs: he’s so stupid he puts them on the construction fences in front of all the condos whose developers are in his pocket. There are NONE behind glass. Please do everything you can to get rid of this vermin (and I don’t mean the rats). Vote Cooney 2/27!

  4. I’m reading a lot of animosity toward Mr. Shulter – dishonest, vermin, funded by special interets, etc. This rhetoric, however, is not helpful or really useful. Can someone point to specific situations that establish Shulter’s lack of integrity? Not just sophomoric whining, but real facts. Be clear, I don’t deny they exist, I just haven’t seen any concrete, verifiable examples. Help please –

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