Chicago City Worker caught sleeping on job.

Bet this guy will not be fired. Rules should apply across the board. If you are ever caught taking a nap, take this video to your hearing. Greg Brewer, good luck. The 50th Ward needs better leadership, the City of Chicago needs better leadership. Patrick McDonough.

5 Replies to “Chicago City Worker caught sleeping on job.”

  1. Not with Greg Brewer. He is totally under the thumbs of 49th Ward Alderman “Lying” Joe Moore and Congresscritter Jan Schakowsky. Electing Brewer would be even worse for the 50th Ward than re-electing Ald. Stone, as it would insure that the political cancer would spread into that West Rogers Park ward from the 49th Ward to the east and Evanston to the north (two political basket cases if you ever saw one).

    A far better alternative would be the election of businessman Salman Aftab as the next 50th Ward Alderman. Aftab has pledged to reject any increase in the Aldermanic salary, and will sponsor an ordinace to ban Aldermen from hiring relatives on their staffs (like Stone has in hiring his disliked daughter as his Chief of Staff/heir apparent). 50th Ward residents who don’t want another Stroger situation taking place in their community (remember, this ward went for Tony Peraica in November) should PUNCH 54 for Salman Aftab on February 27.

  2. It is simple the incident is not true. Salman won pro se at trial. Nasim endorsed him and admitted it was not an accurate story.
    Please stop repeating a lie.

  3. Naisy Dolar discussed Stone sleeping on the job in January. Maybe that’s when Brewer heard about the situation. Brewer’s only been in the ward for 5 years; I’m sure he would’ve known that on his own.

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