Dorothy Brown wants to sleep at your house!!!

Dorothy Brown BE.jpg
Chicago Citizens please contact me for a chance of having Chicago Mayoral Candidate Dorothy Brown sleep over at your home. I am hoping for a Chicago Department of Water Management employee, so we can let Dorothy Brown know how we live and our concerns. Most Chicago city employees do not live in a multi-million dollar condos at the Millenium Park. Dorothy Brown understands that. Please put you best foot forward, clean your house up and contact me. If you wish, I will make a show about this event. Please remember, Dorothy Brown will have a security officer also. I will also call the Chicago media. We can make our city better and you can have a once in a lifetime opportunity. Dorothy Brown was welcomed with open arms by all the North Side citizens at the Blue Angel. Photo by Patrick McDonough

5 Replies to “Dorothy Brown wants to sleep at your house!!!”

  1. Would Dorothy Brown sleep at my house? We have no water. Chicago Water Department does nothing, nothing, I babysit young children all day and no bathroom.

  2. Of course I would let her sleep at my house,The only problem is I amm homless and broke and begging for money.So once again I jumped on the band wagon for Dorthy Brown.Hey Dorthy you can come and sleep next to me anytime any where!Also if you win I want my job back.Deal or No Deal?

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