Mayor Daley's Chicago West Side.

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I know, everyone thinks of Chicago as the home of the Bean, the corruption, the Clout, the home of Patrick McDonough. The Cubs, the Soxs ( I am not talking about the 11th Ward Massage parlors. I am talking about a report card. Report cards can be bent to have a favorable outcome, it is human nature. For a report card worth reading please make sure to read Gary Washburn’s, click here:,1,4743807.story Look, I did not write this and I think the Chicago press has been more than fair to Daley, for far to long. Fact, Chicago median household income is lower in 2005, than in 1989. Poverty is about the same. Population with degrees way up. (good) Very slight increase in housing units. Median housing unit value, more than double. (unit= condo, house, ect) Population down, and minorities, up. So what does that mean? From a Mayor that opposed a fair wage, the results are on the money. Rich whites and well educated are taking a bigger chunk of the income. Poor and minority are losing. Housing is great in the east, the ghettos are crumbling in the west. The great Democratic ideals turned into republican conservative results. To maintain a home that costs twice as much and a massive and crushing tax system, many people need to take second mortgages. Many people have massive credit card debt. Daley has been great for yuppies and big business. If you really buy into the theory Daley is “Green”, I got some pictures of Smokestacks that will make you green. I work on the west side of Chicago and if we want to help the Chicago West Side, we need to share the wealth. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. mayor daley should improve the streets of chicago the chicago avenue street is a complete mess from austin to micihgan he can do much better than he’s doing we are paying taxes

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