Update: Chicago Department of Water Management

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Chicago Union workers work under extreme weather conditions to make sure homeowners get water into their homes. If you have no water, you will have no heat, many Chicago homes have boilers that require water. This van is stuck in ice because the leak was left for an extended amount of time. Today, it was brought to my attention, private contractors will be issued Chicago Safety Vests and will pretend to be Chicago Employees making repairs to the Chicago Water System. Not residents, not drug tested, and no background checks. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Lance at the Wabansia yard was issuing Vests and any supplies Benchmark or Reliable contractors requested. Chicago City Workers sent home and the private contractors get unlimited overtime. Same old crap.

  2. Hey Pat,On Friday February 2nd I was in court at the Daley Center in Judge Donegan’s courtroom. Myself and others were invited by an individual to sit in as court watchers. (website: veternacourtwatchers.com)
    In an act of retaliation against citizens lawfully fighting to uphold our constitutional right to be present at a court proceeding; I was arrested for supposedly disrupting the courtroom, which was not true. Myself and others were told to leave the courtroom, we complied. After going into the hallway, we were rushed by sheriffs telling us that we we have to leave. I explained to them that it is our constitutional right as citizens of this country to be present here, we were not disrupting nor were we disrespectful in anyway. Pat we are getting close, I believe by us being there shook them up a little bit. In the end they arrested me twice and put all of these made up charges on me, they would not allow me to make a phone call. I complained of chest pains and they took me to Northwestern Hospital. The doctor who attended to me, Dr. Lerman, I heard her telling one of the sheriffs who had brought me there shackled, that she was going to give me some type of medication and then call a psychiatrist, as if I were crazy. On Monday I went to pick up my property, my cell phone was missing and a few other items were missing. The sheriffs in the office, they gave me a very difficult time in giving me back my property, they tried to come up with excuses of why they were not going to get my property. Eventually, I got it back minus my cell phone and other things. The sheriffs and the court personnel there know what we know will bring the system to its knees and give the courts back to the people of this country, who currently have no say so as to what happens.

  3. WARNING:The city is using unscreened contractors (no backround checks)letting them look like city workers to gain access to your home.Are they rapist killers like the comcast installer? BEWARE

  4. Dalee the truth about this frozen pipe crisis caused by T.Tallee and Hubermannn will hit the media soon.I think it will help election day.

  5. Another great call by Talley this weekend, Putting James Howell at 39th and Ashland in charge of six 5 ton trucks to deliver material to sewer crews not working the weekend. Clout and freindship a guess go a long way…..Please look into this matter!!!

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