Chicago's sends your taxpayer money to the suburbs

Highway Safety Corp.jpg Please enjoy this picture of a sub-contractor of the City of Chicago. The company is Highway Safety Corp. They are located a 1756 Armitage Court Addison, Illinois. Hey Chicago Citizens, why do we keep hiring non-union companies that are not located in Chicago? Some of the guys working in the back of the barricade truck couldn’t speak English and kept trying to unload more signs that were not needed. Chicago Taxpayers are paying for signs that are not used. We need a proper way to review what we are paying for, and pay these workers a union wage. P.S. Chicago spends millions on renting backhoes also. Why not buy? Photo by Patrick McDonough.

3 Replies to “Chicago's sends your taxpayer money to the suburbs”

  1. Because there’s no personal gain involved in honestly managing the taxpayers’ money.

    This also shows that ‘Crook County’ ain’t the only county filled with crooks.

    The “proper way to review what we are paying for” is to fire all the fraudulent, knuckleheads currently controlling our tax dollars, the more-than-one-term city and county ‘officials’, and elect anybody BUT those we already KNOW are crooks.

    They’ll then fire all the crooks the elected crooks have hired and we’ll at least have a crew of fresh faces to keep an eye on.

    If, in due course of time, these new faces still fail to increase services WHILE decreasing taxes, we’ll vote them out and start all over again.

    THAT, fellow citizens, is what True Democracy is all about, though it’s not surprising so many haven’t got a clue about it, having not experienced anything close to True Democracy for generations.

  2. Mr. Mayor, it would appear that you have some explaining to do? The residents of your city demand a full explanation. You can explain this matter to us now, or to Patrick Fitzgerald later. The choice is yours.

  3. Actually, if the mayor was to explain to us now, that would only serve to accelerate his having to explain to Fitzgerald later.

    Richie Rich hasn’t kept his butt out of BOP custody, (so far), by speaking anything but mumbo jumbo.

    To everyone.

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