Commissioner Peraica Endorses Patrice McDonough

Commissioner Peraica Endorsement.jpg Patrice McDonough, the next 6th Ward Alderman in Des Plaines, Illinois, won the coveted endorsement from Commissioner Anthony J. Peraica today. Commissioner Peraica attended the “Des Plaines 6th Ward Meet and Greet”. I hope all of you will be ready to hear all about the upcoming corruption investigations soon to make the major Chicago Newspapers Headlines, thank you for your continued honesty Mr. Peraica. Commissioner Peraica had run a incredible campaign for Cook County President. In excess of 150 people attended the event, the first of it’s kind in Des Plaines. The “Meet and Greet” was very well stocked with music, food, professional sound system, and refreshments. A real class act. The outgoing Alderman was seen driving around the event said a Des Plaines Firemen. Everyone had a chance to address the audience. The Event was hosted by Frank Avila, a famous attorney and friend. Patrice also was endorsed by the Illinois Committee for Honest Government, the Aviation Integrity Project, Terrence Brunner, the former head of the Better Government Association. Bryan Doyle was on hand to explain the issues affecting Des Plaines and the O’Hare Airport Expansion Project. Patrice McDonough also won the endorsement from Commissioner Frank Avila Sr. from the Water Reclamation Board. Nice going Patrice McDonough. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

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  1. It’s good to see that a few honest individuals have managed to stimulate enough interest, in the minority of citizens who have registered and bothered to vote this election cycle, to garner enough votes to get elected.

    The problems, however, remain the same.

    1) Of all citizens who qualify to vote in a given electoral area, (city, township, county, state, federal, etc.), what percentage are registered to vote?

    2) Of those registered, what percentage actually vote?

    3) Of those who do vote, what percentage cast their vote strictly by political party?

    4) Of those who do vote, what percentage cast their vote for clearly arbitrary or capricious reasons?

    5) Of those who do vote, what percentage cast their vote as a result of believing political ‘propaganda’, ie., campaign advertising?

    6) Of those who do vote, what percentage cast their vote as a result of the desire to work toward eliminating corruption in government?

    7) Of those who vote, what percentage cast their vote for substantially self-interested reasons? (clout job, clout contract, clout influence, etc.)

    As is obvious, the vital element needed, for meaningful and effective change, is maximum voter registration and participation.

    Until the vast majority of citizen-taxpayers realize fully how costly corruption is, we will not likely see the participation of enough voters to overcome the core numbers loyal to ‘politics-as-usual’.

    Like little children, many, if not most, citizens fail to grasp ideas and retain information that is not repeated, over and over, until learned and understood.

    As any grammar-school teacher will tell you, repetition is the key to retention. 🙂
    So, at the risk of being overly wordy, :), here’s
    something I posted elsewhere. (please feel free to edit at will!)

    Sometimes I wonder if those who don’t vote or don’t register to vote understand how much of their hard earned income is wasted by the gross mismanagement and misuse of the tax dollars we all are forced to ‘pony up’.

    Property Taxes, (part of your rent, if you don’t own property AND part of the price you pay for everything you buy, goods and services, ’cause the businesses you buy from pay the same or greater taxes than you do.)

    Sales taxes of all kinds.

    Income taxes, both state and federal.

    Licenses, Fees, Fines, Permits, etc. (also passed on to the consumers)

    Utility taxes, in addition to the sales taxes, which juice your utility bills.

    Mystery taxes you may or may not see, and couldn’t know what they’re for anyway.

    What’s the calculation now, something like 40% – 45% of our GROSS income is taken from us in taxes.

    Every year we work from January 1st until mid May and ALL of our income earned during that time goes directly into the pockets of some government agency.

    Granted, many things that government uses our tax dollars for are beneficial to us all.

    Many, however, are not.

    Yet, year after year, decade after decade, there still seems to be a steady 70% – 80% of our fellow citizens who either don’t vote or don’t even bother to register.

    Our ‘elected officials’ pay lip service to ‘getting more people to register’, and only make efforts to do so that benefit their particular political party.


    Our fates are in our own hands.

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