Chicago Police Ticket a Hispanic Ice Cream Salesman

Chicago Police icecream vendor.jpg
Last Friday, at 48th and Kedvale, Chicago Police gave a ticket to a young hispanic man that is selling Ice Cream. Mayor Daley is raising money off the backs of those who can least afford a major ticket. Well someone needs to pay for the Olympics right? That ticket to that poor man sure will “Stir the Soul” as his family struggles to put table scraps on a plate tonight. Do not get the wrong idea, I love my Chicago Police, they are just following orders. Photo by Patrick McDonough.

4 Replies to “Chicago Police Ticket a Hispanic Ice Cream Salesman”

  1. I know several active duty CPD officers who refuse to be bullied into writing bullshit citations.

    The ‘pressures’ on city cops isn’t as bad as those who cry about it would have you believe.

    The FOP handles these types of ‘official’ harassment well, the only thing that’s got to happen is for the officer to use his/her brains and show sufficient ‘productivity’ in those areas that really count, namely curtailing violent crimes of all types.

    Every officer has some ‘wiggle room’ in what they choose to do during their shift. Those who don’t give a shit about the people they are employed to ‘serve and protect’ are the ones who’ll volunteer for these ‘revenue enhancement’ assignments.

    This is just another example of why cops should be the most honest, intelligent citizens, not the least.

  2. I feel sorry for that vendor. Cops are not allowed to ask for citizens papers but can still write a ticket. Chicago wants a Olympics?

  3. What we need is more revenue for chicago. Chicago is broke and prays it meets it’s oblegations. I need to sell my house just to pay for Daley’s blunders.

  4. i think its sad that men was just tryin to make some money. the way the world is today everyone is just tryin. when they is no work what are you going to do.

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