Have you said your prayers lately?

Holy Mary.jpg
At the end of the day, many Chicago Department of Water Management employees say a prayer of thanks to our Lord God Jesus Christ. Do you pray every day for those sinners that never seem to learn to play by the rules? I admire people that pray every day, you should also. This is a photo of Holy Mary I took this weekend in Indiana when picking up my boat, Deep Water. I hope you enjoy this award winning photo by the best photographer in Chicago, Patrick McDonough

6 Replies to “Have you said your prayers lately?”

  1. That Statue of the Holy Mary looks real, God bless you McDonough. Christ is in you. Thank you.

  2. re: ‘any-mouse’ who commented “I think you better start saying your prayers”.

    Is this an example of the level of ‘subtlety’ achieved by the crop of ‘intimidation amateurs’ being bred in the backward suburb of Des Plaines?

    Must be a case of ‘inbreeding’, don’t you think?

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