Honest "Independents" in Des Plaines

I know you read the Des Plaines Journal/ Brian Burkross paper. Everyone wants to show how free they are from any connections and clout. Burkross hates the evil TIF master Alderman Becker, but works closely with him in this election to elect Becker’s replacement. Patrick McDonough.

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  1. Catalano, Walsten, and Burkross in bed together. But I thought Walsten, Brookman, and the mayor… On Election day… Independent?… And Becker… Together?

  2. Welcome to politics, Crook County Style.

    Bears repeating:

    April 1st – 9:42 p.m.
    Let’s take a peek into the Political Hack’s Playbook.

    “1) If telling the truth HELPS you, tell the truth. (however rarely this is true for an incumbent)

    2) If telling the truth HURTS you, tell a lie, particularly a lie that is impossible to prove is a lie.

    3) When lying, coat your lies with as much truth as possible, so the lie APPEARS to be true.

    4) When confronted with your lies, vigorously assert that you’re NOT lying and accuse those who say you are, of LYING.

    5) avoid lying about things that can be PROVEN to be lies, tho, you can ALWAYS challenge the honesty of those who present the proof of your lies.

    6) Do your very best to keep some sort of track of your lies, so you don’t waste energy lying when you are confronted with conflicting lies.

    7) Whenever possible, always have OTHERS lie for you, so you can denounce them, if and when they are caught lying.

    8) When caught in a lie, change the subject and focus on telling those lies that have, so far, not been proven to be lies.

    9) Tell the truth sparingly, as, if the truth were helpful to you, you wouldn’t have to tell so many lies in the first place.”

    There’s a lot more stuff in the Political Hack’s Playbook, but I think this is enough for now, don’t you?”
    (Response) This was good!!!

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