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Thank you for your hard “Independent work” for Des Plaines Taxpayers. Helping the campaign that wants TIF’s as a standard business plan. Burkross, what side are you on? Why did you go to Patti’s Meet and Greet? Why did you threaten people with lawsuits? Why did you make threats to ruin Patti’s chances, with witnesses. Throw this fake out of town. Photo by Patrick McDonough’s Inspector General.

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  1. Mr. McDonough,

    You are truly a loser and a fraud, most of Des Plaines is now aware of this. The lies you place on this site are proof. You lost the elction for your wife, no wonder she is devorcing you, or are devoreced, or just living together, it is hard to know the truth through all your lies. Thank God she lost, we truly don’t need you! Brian

  2. Of course, all the scam artists of Des Plaines don’t need the honest residents to interfere with all the scams being perpetrated on the taxpayers of our town, of course, these scum-sucking leeches will do and say anything to prevent honest folks from ending the fraud and thievery of the old-school schemers, who the Burkross’s of this world are so impressed by, of course, Mr. and Mrs. McDonough are being attacked for their activities, whose goals are for there to be HONEST GOVERNMENT by electing HONEST PEOPLE to public office.

    My, how filthy some people must be, covered in the very mud they sling.

    You can smell them a mile away. Carla Brookman next Mayor of Des Plaines

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