Vote April 17th, 2007 Everyone

I am happy another election cycle is almost over. The spin was every bit as good in the heart of Chicago to the many suburbs. All politics are the same, but, in the big city more money is spent. I wish the best of luck to everyone, winner or loser, you make America great. If more people participated we would have less suspicion and more honest government. The TIFs are indeed a major problem everyone will need to address sooner or later. Next week I will get back to what I do best. Patrick McDonough

3 Replies to “Vote April 17th, 2007 Everyone”

  1. I hope you know everyone supports Patti. She is a nice mom and a great leader. The men want more taxes and gambling. Moms know better. Gambling leads to vice. I moved out of Chicago to avoid crime.

  2. I hope that you will, indeed, continue to ‘lift the rocks’ that many of our ‘public servants’ strive to hide under.

    It’s a well known fact that sunshine is the best disinfectant.

  3. My best wishes to Patrice McDonough, whose victory in the Sixth Ward Aldermanic race in Des Plaines will bring that city a capable and energenic voice.

    Here in Chicago, the seemingly insane and weird election antics will soon be behind us. For those of us who need a break prior to the opening of the polls at 6 am Tuesday, may suggest that you go to:
    and click open the “Other Countries” folder in the left-hand column, and then click (if neccessary) the story “Armenia Issues Circus Stamp.” I’ll let you decided which which Chicago Alederman or Aldermanic candidates most resemble the image on the stamp shown.

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